The Life of a MUA

From colorful to the ultimate smoky eye.....

From colorful to the ultimate smoky eye…..

Welcome Dolls!

This is my very first WordPress blog post so I guess I’ll take time to introduce myself. I’m Tiffany Monique, 27 years young, 3rd year psychology major, and MUA/Stylist/CEO of Believe it or not, I was a bit “remedial” when it came to cosmetics just a few years ago. Definitely a lip gloss and lashes kinda girl (maybe a little shadow on special occasions). I actually fell into freelance makeup artistry by mistake about 10 months ago (April 2013) and I have never been more in love with cosmetics than I am in this very moment.

Being a Freelance MUA can be quite stressful. It’s like trying to be a singer/rapper without major label support. Everything depends on you from marketing, promoting, and advertising, to supplies and networking. While I’m blessed to be able to make a living doing something I love, I think it’s fair to say although it’s a beautiful grind… most definitely requires GRINDING.

The following video is a slightly crappy edit I did of a photo shoot I was the MUA for. With the right photographer, model, and makeup magic happens! Although this isn’t the best shoot I’ve been apart of “JoeJoe” (the model) displays how to WERK the camera! Check it out….

As a MUA there are 2 things you have to have on you at all times 1) business cards preferably with your work on them but if not with info where they can find your work. 2) A camera. You want to be able to take your own photos of your work to promote your skills. Photographers have rules, regulations, and contracts that prevent you from doing any kind of editing to their pics. Plus, before and afters will be your life line!

Here’s a photo I took of the model while at the studio…this way I didn’t have to wait for the photographer’s photo!

Tiffany's Doll JoJoe

All in all….I love my job. As with every career there are ups, downs, busy seasons, droughts, and many lessons to be learned. This blog will cover them all!


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