Before we get into the goodies, I wanted to officially notify my mobbies that they are now “Mobbie Dolls” lol. I am so in love with the whole makeup mob idea that I didn’t want to completely let it go buuut it seems that the makeup mob idea is a bit popular. So we’ll mix it with my dolls fetish and viola “The Doll Mob” is born!

Ok……now to the good stuff!Week 1 Giveaway


So far I’ve had this blog for 2  or 3 days and I am very, very. appreciate of my 7 gorgeous mobbies(10 by the time I was done typing this post)! And because 7 is my lucky number it’s someone’s lucky day! carries over 350 brands including Urban Decay, bareMinerals  NARS, Smashbox, TooFaced, and too many more to name. Not to mention leading brands in bath and body products, fragrances, skin care and hair products. For my first giveaway in celebration of my now 10 new mobbies I’m giving away  $10 off you next purchase of $40 at PLUS free shipping and gifts with purchase!!! (which cuts your total down by at least $18 beautiful bucks) 


There are quite a few perks to having pro memberships to the top cosmetic companies and getting good deals on great brands is one of them! Lucky for you…I love my makeup loving mob of dolls and I will be sharing the goodness lol. Allllll the time.


To win- You MUST :1)Be a Dolls Mob subscriber, 2) you must be following The Doll Mob on Facebook( )…… The winner will be announced on Monday and immediately sent their discount via email.

For more details to this giveaway visit Offer expires April 30th!!



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