Slight Envy Lips Tar

Slight Envy Lips Tar

As a lot of MUAs get deeper into the industry and more comfortable with the different purposes and expectations of cosmetics they begin to explore the option of creating their own lines. I’m no different! About a month ago we got over 6inches of snow in my area…so I was STUCK in my apartment with nothing to do but snack and watch Netflix a.k.a put on some weight. And clearly “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

I started to get cabin fever and wanted to do something “productive” so I grabbed a few products from my kit that I barely use anymore(Kit pics coming this afternoon) and decided to see if I could make a lip tar. To make a long story short. I made a few, named them, and took photos of them.

Tiffany's Tar Lippies.jpg

Next stop: The social world. I uploaded the pics to Fb and Twitter and people responded really well; asking where they could get them and commenting on how they loved the colors, even picking favorites. So naturally, I began thinking about how I could bottle them up and sell them lol. I think “Inked” and “Slight Envy” are in a race for my heart at the moment…but that may change by the time I release them this Summer.

Hopefully by this summer I will have the colors and formulas just right…..STILL trying to think of a name for the line as there are 100,000s cosmetic companies who have grabbed all the good ones! :0( I’m excited, a bit scared, and over all anxious but I look forward to stepping out of my comfort zone.

So for now……
TiffanyDolls Cosmetics





4 thoughts on “Slight Envy Lips Tar

    1. Aww Thank you lovie! And to think I wasn’t the lipstick type just a year ago lol. I will definitely be updating my dolls on my lip tar adventure going forward! Maybe even do a give away this Summer to celebrate the release. ❤

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