DIY: Simple Leopard Print Eyeshadow

Good afternoon mobbies!

Before we get into the tutorial/products etc. I have to give a s/o (shout out) to NYX and their lippies……*clears throat* I’d just like to say, NYX Cosmetics you have my vote baby! I love you in all your extreme and soft matte lip crème wonder. Long lasting, buildable, and gorgeous just like a good lover should be! I wouldn’t trade you for the world!

Now that the PDI is over, let’s get to today’s post.

Soooo, I tried a leopard print shadow look last night and decided to do a video on how I did it. This is a more dramatic look and would probably be worn best at night unless there is a specific event/occasion that you think dramatic eyeshadow would be appropriate for. BECAUSE I think I’ve found the perfect red matte lippie in my new lover (NYX) I also did a quick video/ review on those as well which I may just upload today instead of tomorrow depending on how editing goes.

A few video need to knows:

1st) I did this look using my 120 Edition palatte from BH Cosmetics. If you haven’t gotten one yet you can do so at It is MUA approved, very pigmented, blend-able, and most importantly affordable.

2nd) Of course my lips are NYX I don’t have the colors right beside me and I don’t want to lie so check my next vlog for specifics.

3rd) The song featured in this video is Sevyn Streeter B.A.N.S and is explicit. I recommend you turning the volume down at work/school/or around the kiddies. Don’t Judge me! I like the song! lol

Check it out…..


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