Serving Animal Insticts? (Leopard Print Shadow)

Good Afternoon Dolls!

If you stick around long enough, you’ll realize that I am always doing something lol. Trying stuff out has gotten me to where I am today so I continue to leap sometimes with my eyes closed and with no direction, which can be pretty dangerous in life….but usually lead to greatness in art.

Anywho, Last night I decided to do a leopard print look and a red lip…which you will get tired of hearing about because HONEYYYY when I tell you I’ve found my match….. lol. That’s PT2 tho. Speaking of which I recorded a quick “tutorial” and would love to see my mobbie dolls give it a try…or not lol.

Stay Tuned to check out the tutorial!

Animal Insticts?

Ohhhh P.s I’ve made a fb page just for my dolls! I have a fb now but I’m thinking of starting over since I started that page before I began doing makeup…. I’ll be posting looks, tutorials, shoots, makeup tips etc….if you want to stay connected be the first of your friends to like you post any pics on fb of you with a meeean beat be sure to hastag the mob = #TheDollMob and get your pics posted on all my sites and social networks!


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