M.O.B- Makeup Obssesed Beauties (The struggle)

M.O.B- Makeup Obssesed Beauties (The struggle)

Ok, here’s the thing, when I finally pursued the  MUA path I had gotten laid off from my job and was tired of my future or lack there of depending on doing something I didn’t like, for some one I didn’t particularly care for. Well, that and there weren’t a billion opportunities busting down my door lol. Anyway, building my kit initially was a process. Instead of buying every color lipstick I saw in that one brand, I would get 1 nice lipstick whenever I got my hands on some $.

It wasn’t as bad as it sounded because I was still nervous about actually being an MUA and finding a lipstick every week gave me a little more time to wrap my mind around it, and oddly enough a greater appreciation for the product. It got to the point that I looked forward to finding and trying a new color or combo of colors; it was my little treat to me.

>> Fast Forwarding 10 months to the present…….

……..My name is Tiffany, I am an addict and my profession is the enabler (this is the part where everyone says, “Hiiiii Tiffany”). *Sigh*

I’m doing really well with my artistry and the anxious, nervous feelings are almost gone, at least when it comes to interacting with clients and the quality of my work. Of course I still get weird when I think about trying new things and taking my brand to another level, but they say greatness lives right outside of comfortable and I’d love to rub elbows with greatness. Anyway the trouble is with more $ coming in, there’s more money to spend…money which is wisely invested in the future of TiffanyDolls *whispers* At least That’s what I tell my bae when cosmetic shopping.

The truth is I have a problem, a kit complex, a compulsive beauty product need or something like that. It’s getting to the point that I don’t have a place to put it all and I can forget about dragging it all around with me on set. So really what’s the point?

Some how I feel if I get all the best most expensive brands in my kit and lots of it, I’ll make it to Hollywood, New
York, or Miami to beat the faces that change lives lol <

I am still looking forward to running into the perfect balance. My schedule can be really unpredictable. I have to find time for hours of reading and writing papers for class, my artistry(which now includes a part-time gig in addition to my regular work load), my love life, and a little time to do absolutely nothing. Financially it seems the better I do the harder it becomes to utilize my profits to get to where I need to be.

How do you invest wisely when enough is never enough? How do you find limits when you being the best artist you can be relies heavily on your access to good products and tools. The more popular TiffanyDolls becomes the more products I use, the more I need to buy or allow myself to buy and use that excuse lol. Even with pro memberships to all the top brands like MAC, Smashbox, Sigma, and Urban Decay…we’re not looking at drugstore prices. You go shopping for products that only compliment you….I’m thinking of all of women including you because you knew know who’s going to hire you and what their needs may be and you have to be prepared.
Said no women ever

Makeup Obsessed MUA PROBLEMS lol.

In other news… today will be a busy day with teens in the area going to ring dances so today will be one of those days. I’ll try to get some footage of photos up of at least one of the young ladies.

Until next time mobbies!


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