The Perfect Matte Red Lipstick (NYX Review)

Good evening mobbies!

Very, very, busy day so I’m posting kind of late. As we all know I am currently loyally in love with ALL of NYX’s matte lippies( and the Xtreme Lip Creams) how ever this review only features the 2 I was wearing yesterday afternoon.

They are $6.99 and be found in Target, Walmart, some beauty supply stores and online at various locations. If you’re going the online route you can visit OR google the brand and find another retailer.

I tested it for longevity, durability, how well it blends with other product/brands, and of course color and here’s the skinny………

I can admit I was a bit skeptical when first trying the soft matte lip cream. I’d never really dealt with a lipstick with that consistency. It was lipstick-ish but in a watery paint way lol (bare with me).

Anyway, once I got over the initial contact debacle and it began soothing my worries and changing textures I fell utterly and completely in love with this stuff! The colors are pigmented and pretty even on my darker skin which is always a plus!

Cons: The only “con” I’d give it, which probably couldn’t be held up in court <<<(which is strangely enough unsually my first level of the reasoning process lol) is that after about 45 minutes to an hour it began to feel ridiculously dry as if my lips had tripped and fell in the Sahara daaaaaays ago and were still waiting to be found. It's normal to want to lubricate them at this point so I checked and licked or licked and checked them a few times and to my surprise they were still perfect.

In the defense of my new velveteen lover, matte lipstick is supposed to be …………………..matte. You could always add a gloss or even their Xtreme lip cream to moisturize your lips if you're not as into a matte finish.

I used the matte lip cream's drying/lasting powers to blend my concealer because it seems to bond anything it comes in contact with once it dries. I have 4 colors and will be collecting them all!

I'd use this on clients who have long ceremonies and wanted a lip color with the longest life. A+ Product


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