TMI TAG (Getting to know ME)

1.  What are you wearing? Since I am currently having a lazy Sunday(still sitting in the middle of my bed sitting Indian style) the perfect fit for today =pajama pants and a cami…..

2.  Ever been in love? Yes! Too many times lol.

3.  Ever had a terrible break up?  EVERY breakup was horrible. (My poor heart)

4.  How tall are you? 5’6″

5.  How much do you weigh? About 210 (You thought I was ashamed didn’t you???)

6.  Any tattoos? Yes. I have over 15 tattoos. I can still cover them with long sleeves and pants if necessary but who wants to…

7.  Any piercings? 2(Labret and tongue) other than my ears which have 2 each. I used to have my eyebrow and Monroe pierced but I took them out for work and I couldn’t deal with getting them again.

8.  OTP? <———-huh?

9.  Favorite Show? I’m a movie kind of gal. But I can say I am a Gladiator at heart. (Scandal)

10.  Favorite bands? I don’t think I have any favorite “bands” But I love all music. India Aire, Drake, Taylor Swift, Some Miley Cyrus, Wale, J.Cole, Maroon 5 etc.

11.  Something you miss.  My mommy.

12.  Favorite Song? Right now Kelly Rowland’s #1 is the first thing I go to when on my playlist.

13.  How old are you? 27 years young

14.  Zodiac Sign? Capricorn

15.  Quality you look for in a partner? Some one who is sensitive enough to deal with my emotional side, loyal, honest, and attractive (not globally attractive but attractive to me)

16.  Favorite quote? “To whom much is given, much is required”

17.  Favorite Actor? Denzel Washington, Charlize Theron,

18.  Favorite color? Purple/Mint I think I’m in a conversion stage lol. Purple was first…mint is squeezing in.

19.  Loud music of soft? Depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m even in the car in silence.

20.  Where do you go when you’re sad? I used to go to the house I grew up in. Just to sit in my car at the curb gave me peace. Now I go to bed lol.

21.  How long does it take you to shower? Depends on the occasion 10-40 minutes.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? From scratch? lol 30-45 minutes for makeup, another 15 to figure out what to wear and 30 to do something with my hair. We’re looking at about an hour and 15 minutes.

23.  Ever been in a physical fight? Yes. Unfortunately .

24.  Turn on? Passion. Passionate looks, touches, kisses etc. 

25.  Turn off? Conceit

26.  The reason I started blogging. I wanted a space where I could be 100% me, with no guidelines , preset topics, word limits etc. It’s therapeutic.

27.  Fears? Public Failure

28.  Last thing that made you cry?  A migrane

29.  Las time you said you loved someone? Before I started this post

30.  Meaning behind your blog name? Because of my line of business I named my company TiffanyDolls because my clients are indeed my dolls. The Doll mob concept basically came from me hoping to reach a load of makeup obsessed beauties such as myself. Makeup Junkies Unite!

31.  Last book you read? My Ethics textbook

32.  Book you are currently reading? My Ethics Textbook lol

33.  Last show you watched? It’s been so long…Umm I watched Dexter on Netflix

34.  Last person you talked to? My GF

35.  The relationship between you and the last person you texted? Friend/Associate

36.  Favorite food? I LOVE FRENCH FRIES

37.  Place you want to visit. Tuscany Italy

38.  Last place you were? The bathroom

39.  Do you have a crush? No…

40.  Last time you kissed someone? This morning..

41.  Last time you were insulted?  About 2 weeks ago from a very confrontational “Boss” of mine

42.  Favorite flavor of sweet? Cream Cheese Icing

43.  What instruments do you play?  Nothing since the flute in 4th grade

44. Favorite piece of jewelry? I love rings.

45.  Last sport you played? Dodge ball in junior high lol

46.  Last song you sang?  Something by Chris Brown that came on the radio

47.  Favorite chat up line?  I have no “game”

48. Have you ever used it? ———–>I can’t use it

49.  Last time you hung out with someone? I “hung out” with my bestie while he was in the hospital last week.

50.  Who should answer these questions next? All of my Mobbies


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