Oscar Party (Kardashian Edition: The rise of Khloe!)

Oscar Party (Kardashian Edition: The rise of Khloe!)

There were a tons of stars, who had a ton of parties in the name of the Oscar’s and somehow, some way the Kardashian’s seemed to still get the spot light! And yes, everyone was fully clothed (oooh the shade lol). Last night Elton John held the 22nd annual Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party and you won’t believe which Kardashian has everyone, myself included, dazed and dumbfounded at her statuesque beauty…….

Let’s make it easier for you and delete the weakest link:

Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Have you guessed yet?????? Well I have faith that you have (if for no other reason because you read the title of this post lol) Everyone please say hello to the new “hot” Kardashian…………

Khloe khloe-kardashian-elton-john-oscars-party1

Oh yes hunny, Khloe slayed for all Dita Von Teese fans, Maryiln Monroe lovers, Old Hollywood glam goddesses, and the Burlesque GODS!

That dress hits every curve just right (and she is OBVIOUSLY comfy and proud of her curvy stature for which I commend her), The velvet material that looks like it feels as good on as it looks, deep V front, and slight train… amazing, and I couldn’t say enough about that color if I tried. We didn’t even get into hair and makeup. Let’s just sum it up in hastags:

#KholesWinning #AndSheDeservesIt #OldHollywoodPerfection #BetterThanEver #EverythingaStartletShouldBe #ClassyandFabulous

Ms. Khole has most definitely given us a glimpse at what Hollywood once was and I for one hope it will always be represented in the industry.


Kudos to you Khloe! When life gives you lemons…..make ’em regret it! lol

Until next time mobbies <3!


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