The Oscar’s 2014: Red Carpet Dolls and Don’ts

The Oscar's 2014: Dolls and Don'ts


That was my first impression of the ladies who graced the red carpet….well most of them anyway. There were still a few fails, a couple of weird moments, and some who almost made it but missed the mark….Here’s The Doll Mob Review!

We’ll be grading them (A+ – E-)

First I have to get into Charlize Theron and her stunning black Dior gown! MY GOD!

Red Carpet Oscars 2014
Red Carpet Oscars 2014

(Grade: A-)

Although she wasn’t my in my top few, Ms. Theron did not disappoint! The style and cut of her dress was modern yet elegant and overall  exquisite; perfect for her physique. Her makeup, clean and flawless! A subtle smoked eye with a brilliant peachy nude on her lips….absolutely perfect. The hair short, sleek, and gorgeous! I would’ve liked to see Charlize in something “Spring-esque” but all in all. She was a Doll!!

Next up, The beautiful and very pregnant Kerri Washington…

Kerri Washington Oscar's 2014


(Grade: C+)

Let me first say that I LOVE me some Kerri Washington and this review in no way depicts my personal feelings for her lol. Ok, her makeup and gown are a perfect match, that sultry wine lip and the color of her dress are so very romantic, and her dress is just perfect for her baby bump. MAJOR DEDUCTION for the wrinkled dress. This is the Oscar’s we can’t have you looking like you just got your gown out of the hamper. Someone should have steam pressed that before her red carpet walk. I’m just saying. Moving on.

Actress Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett Oscar's 2014

(Grade: B-)

I think Cate had the right idea in this beautiful nude colored Armani gown. Her hair was vintage and perfect, her makeup was light and flawless but her dress……….it seemed a little “heavy”. I mean it’s Armani, so clearly she’s still winning, but I think she could’ve done the same style and color of dress with a few less adornments? All in all Cate was a Doll!

Let’s get into the -WHAT THE- of the night and the worst dressed by far Whoopi Goldberg

Worst dress

I laughed a little, got confused, and laughed some more. Whoopi, you tried it baby but it did NOT work. We all know not to really expect “glam” from Whoopi, it’s just not her style…and while we’re talking about style I guess this ensemble  is perfect for her in all her slouchy comfy splender; but we must still draw a line some were lol. I’m sorry to do this to you Whoop <<lol at the nickname. But you failed!


And the winners are…….

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Oscar's 2014

Kelly Osbourne


Camila Alves

Camila Alves

And Drum roll please……………………….Jada Pinket Smith…She SLAYED the red carpet.. That dress!! The colors, the style, even the material PERFECT! Her hair and makeup FLAWLESS. She showed the younger ladies how to do this! She was indeed the leader of the Doll Mob at this years Oscars!

Jada Pinkett Smith



Last but not least, The infamous Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa Oscar's 2014

(Grade: ?)


Ok, here’s the thing. Lady GaGa has managed to seem more strange to me when she’s being normal than when she’s being the “alien-ish” GaGa we’ve all grown to love. She looked like one would expect someone to look on the red carpet, very nie gown, soft feminine tones in her makeup, she even has the “non phased” glamorous picture look down there’s still something a little off…..

What theeeee

But what is it? I NEED YOUR HELP MOBBIES……..What grade do we give  GaGa???? All in all is she a doll??


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