Makeover Madness: Au Naturale


Makeup doesn’t always have to be extravagant or dramatic. Some of the prettiest looks are the soft and natural and considered”barely there”.  Using the right tones and products can make a huge difference without making a scene or drawing unwanted attention.

Meet Jasmine! She was a client of mine sometime back who had never had her makeup done and was nervous that she would end up with the  “cake face” lol. Because she was celebrating her birthday she wanted to look polished and feel pretty BUT she didn’t want anything overly dramatic i.e photo ready highlight, really smokey eyes or bright lipstick). Although most of my request come in this form and they are NO FUN lol  she trusted me with her mug so I did as she asked.

*I  started her look as I do all the rest by filling in her eyebrows using a pencil and a brow powder. We used  dull orange and copper pigments on her lids to give her a “glow” or a hint of color without it being overwhelming. Highlighting and contouring is vital for a complete look in my opinion so event though she wanted something soft, I still used a concealer 1 shade lighter than her skin tone and a foundation 1 shade darker to get the job done. Finishing the look with a peachy blush, NYX’s strawberry daiquiri matte lipstick with a brown liner, and of course lashes, and liner.

Jasmine's B4 and after

Most of the time when clients ask for a natural look they want to be able to say “I woke up li This” and have people believe them. In some instances it’s easier than others, but it is always possible to cover blemishes etc. and still create a flawless natural look.MeMeCollage2

Meet MeMe! MeMe recently came to me for help bc like lots of ladies her eyebrows don’t grow in as full as she’d like them to. She was suffering from what I like to call “leather brow” which is when you use a really black eyebrow pencil to draw and color in the entire brow applying a bunch of pressure.  Although she said she felt she needed makeup to feel and look pretty she didn’t want to look as if she had a bunch of make upon. From first glance you may think “this must’ve been a hard one”, but truth be told it wasn’t hard at all!  #ConcealerIsYourFriend

Dark spots and blemishes are tons easier to cover and smooth out than actual breakouts, stubble etc. A spot or mark is easily covered with the right concealer where as a bump or group of bumps or raised areas take a little more contouring, and color correcting. MeMe had great smooth skin so we didn’t even need a foundation.

*Started with her eyebrows, this time using the concealer that I was highlighting with to cover her entire lid carrying it around the inner part of the eye and then to the usual highlighting area (the V under the eye). I used that color as the eyeshadow shade and set it with a translucent powder adding darker browns to the crease to create normalize the colors. I also used a peachy colored blush on her cheeks NYX’s Nude and Butter Matte lipsticks on her lips with a brown liner, and added lashes.


I will be doing a Au Naturale tutorial soon, but first I got a request for a tutorial on yesterday’s look “Misty Blu” so I will be recording that today.


I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far……Until next time!



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