Lippie Lovin’:Friday Night’s Galaxy Beat….

Lippie Lovin':Friday Night's Beat....

Helloooo Mobbies*In my sweetest voice*! I have been booked solid and busy since like Thursday so I’ve been slacking and I apologize! But I’v stopped by with a face of the day pic……

OFF TOPIC RANT: I lost ALL of my photos, videos, contracts, clients files etc due to infecting my laptop with a virus while trying to watch that video of Blue Ivy singing “surfboard” and Beyonce “melting”. What melted was my hard drive and my patience lol. *shakes fist at computer*

ANYWAY the beat must go on right? *sigh*

I absolutely loved my lips in this look. They are really edgy and dark so Id suggest it at night in a club/party/celebratory atmosphere but you choose what works for you!Lips

I am usually a “matte” kinda girl but something about this glass looking lip really did it for me last night hunni! I also did my makeup in a “funky order” which i think I may start doing from here on out. If you cared at all here’s what I mean…if not SKIP THIS SECTION lol.

Usually when doing my makeup I start with my brows, followed by my lid, my face, and my lips and lashes last “finishing touches” Yesterday for some strange reason I did my brows and lids, went straight to my lips, and finished my face last. Why does it matter you ask??

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1) Doing your brows first is a must. They are the frame of your face and most important when doing a full face of makeup.

2) Some people do the face (concealer, foundation, powder etc.) first and add color (shadow, lipstick, blush etc.) later. I’ve found that to be a pain in my…….kit lol. I do my shadow first because when using highly pigmented or sparkly shadows there’s usually a lot of fall out. YES, they do have tools and techniques that help protect your face from fall out, but again……..a pain! It’s easier to just do what’s necessary to get the eye look I need even if it’s messy and clean up after myself.

3)Doing my lips before my face allowed my to correct my lip liner flawlessly. This isn’t something I do all the time and I’m not sure if you do this, but to get the perfect clean lip with crisp lines I clean the perimeter of the lips with a concealer the same shade or a half shade lighter than my skin tone (you don’t want to do it too light bc then it looks like that ring you used to get from licking your lips and going outside to play in the cold lol). Please tell me that wasn’t only me. ANYWHO doing my lips before my face allowed me to blend in that concealer and create a smooth transition.

That’s all for now. If you haven’t liked The Doll Mob on Fb I don’t know WHAT you’re waiting for!

Until next time mobbies


5 thoughts on “Lippie Lovin’:Friday Night’s Galaxy Beat….

  1. I like the eyeshadow, great blend. not totally convinced about the lips, the liner reminds mr of the mid to late 90’s black lipliner trend which I’m not a fan of, but I see it gradually making it’s way back in the beauty world. x

    1. Thank you (about the shadow blending). Believe it or not I’m not a fan of the harsh black lip liner on the lips of the 90’s either. Flip side, I don’t think that should limit you from mixing it up by using a black line in an ombre situation like this where the black fades into a blue which turns into a purple. You’re right though, it’s not for everybody. Thanks for commenting!

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