My 1 year Artist Anniversay!!!


Gorgeous Morning mobbies!

When I had a moment to rest I realized that April makes one year that I’ve been completely and passionately invested in my artistry, and since I needed to give my face a rest lol  I decided to make that the topic of my post today.

If you read my very first blog you know that I never really saw myself getting into the industry on a long term level. I’ve always been really feminine, infatuated with the things that made a lady a lady in my eyes (dresses, jewelry, finger nail polish, pretty lashes, sweet smellsetc.)  so I would have probably been introduced to makeup sooner or later. I was so shy and introverted that I would have never imagined making a living interacting so closely with people. I diagnosed myself with anxiety looong ago and just the thought of messing someone’s face up made me want to run and hide.


This was my very first attempt at a full face of makeup April 2013^^^^. I look at this picture and I can’t help but smile at the fact that I looked exactly how I felt…insecure and frightened. I hadn’t even found the gonads to try a lipstick lol. I didn’t really have a clue why people went through the highlighting and contouring, the important of colors, blending, and prepping your face before hand….. I just knew where it was supposed to go (most of the time). Of course at this stage it’s hard not to pick this photo apart, but remembering where you come from is an important step in enjoying the journey to where where you’re meant to be.


Although it has been challenging, this year has been one of the best years of my life. I know it’s a bit cliche but the truth is there is nothing in this world more rewarding than doing something you love to do and have people need and love you for it.

There were days I cried, partnerships that didn’t work out, almost a month of no income what-so-ever about two months after I first started, and it wasn’t easy being unemployed and building a kit, maintaining a website, having marketing and promotion materials to begin building a brand AND keeping the faith lol. There were many days that I wanted to go crawling back to the the 9-5 life for a moment of stability, even if it were just a moment, but I hung in there! Practiced almost everyday, saved/invested every penny, reached out to people who are where I want to be and soaked it in like a sponge.


Today I sit in front of my laptop a women who has been through but has found strength in her storms and confidence in herself because she didn’t let them stop her. This is a picture I took the other day (#FOTD -Spring Time Sweetie) and just like my first photo it makes me smile but for different reasons. I am not only confident in my work (eyes closed…trying to show it off lol) I am more confident in who I am and my abilities as a person and my value as a women….


Moral of my story and what I want you to take with you from my journey thus far is this:

Going after your dreams can be scary as ****. Especially if you’re like me and got comfortable just dreaming. No one wants to fail, no one wants to be hurt, or have a bad day, but it’s what you do with those failures, heart breaks, and bad days that set those who succeed apart from those who get trapped in and tortured by their dreams. My hope for you is that you get uncomfortable and embrace being scared. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you could….try it out and don’t stop because it’s not perfect in the beginning.  I haven’t made it to Hollywood in this past year, but  have made myself proud and that’s priceless…..


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