Liebster Award!!!


In a little over 2 weeks of blogging I have been nominated by not one but  two of my gorgeous mobbies (LipstickandKittens and Momerrell ) for the Liebster Award!!

You know I like to use hastags when I’m at a lost for affective sentences lol

#Excited #Honored #Flattered #Smiling #Inspired #Amazed #Appreciative #FeelingAllFuzzy

Seriously, I am really honored to have someone actually take the time out of their day and read what I have to say. SO to have 2 of those people say, “Hey, not only do I want to hear what you have to say…I think other people should too!”, is amazeballs. I am so inspire by you guys! In the short time I’ve been blogging on wordpress you have inspired me in ways you’ll never know by simply clicking like or share on a post, sending word of encouragement or congratulations, and following me! I am proud to share who I am with all of you, and I am grateful that my story got someone’s attention.

What the heck is the Liebster Award you ask? The purpose of the Liebster Award is to promote blogs that have less than 200 followers, and to generate attention towards them. It affords the winner the opportunity to tell my followers a little bit about myself, and give some attention to some other really awesome blogs.

Ok, since I was nominated by two of my mobbies I will be selecting questions from both sets to complete this requirement. Now, there are rules which will be listed at the bottom of this post after my nominations but for now…

1. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Yes! I have my labret, tongue, and 2 piercings in each ear as well as 16 tattoos 1 that isn’t “finished”.
2. If you could meet an historical figure, who would it be and why? Abraham Lincoln…I’d like to know how he managed to get through his adult life without telling a lie.
3. Girl crush? Charlize Theron
4. Number one beauty product? Lashes. Without my lashes my life is completely wrong. I can go without everything else but that.
5. What are some of your other interests? Let’s see, I love food, traveling, reading, writing, and music is my EVERYTHING.
6. Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor? Hmmm tuffie, I’m going to go with Elizabeth Taylor because she built a brand that not only allowed her to live comfortably but will allow her family to do the same long after she’s gone.
7. Best book you’ve ever read? Yesterday I cried by Iyanla Vanzant
8. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? I would change people’s tendency to be so judgmental. Live and let live I always say.

9. Why do you blog? I was contacted by a rep from Obaz who asked if I would be interested in being a “curator” for their site. I wasn’t 100% sure of what he was asking, but it was fashion and/or beauty so I was in lol. On a good day I would get over 1000 views which was nice.But after a while I got bored with ONLY talking about fashion and or beauty as it pertains to trends and what have you. I felt disconnected from my audience and it didn’t really give me a voice or personality. Sometimes I just wanted to say “Today was hard….” and have people who took time to hear me. So here I am!

10. Can you dance? I guess it would depend on what the person asking the question would call dancing lol. I believe I can dance. I am at my best after a few drinks (which may give you further insight on my dancing and my judgment lol)

11. What’s your favorite season? This should be an easy one, but leave it to me to complicate things.  I feel like the world is rotating and changing just to inspire me during Spring and Fall lol. I am a lover of rain so spring rain and thunderstorms are right up my alley, the blooming of all the different colors and kinds of flowers, the “warming” weather, and the anticipation of summer (but not summer itself lol) keep me looking forward to Spring. Fall rubs me the right way with the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the cooling weather, the cute boots, and nice jackets lol. BUT I am a Winter baby (January, 7th) so even though I am not fond of being too cold or snowed in, I think the winter time is magical and in most cases filled with love, family, good food, reasons to snuggle, and gifts. How can you not love a season like that? All in all, Winter wins, Spring is 2nd, and Fall comes in with a loving 3rd.

Random Facts:

1. I love Pancakes

2. I have a ton of tattoos but I am scared of the buzzing sound the machine makes (go figure)

3. I have no clue who my father is and it’s never really bothered me. Yes, I wonder if I’d be the same person I am today had I had a father around. But it’s not a sad and sorrowful wondering. I guess I’m just the type who’d rather focus on what I have.

4.I applaud people who are transparent by choice in such a judgmental world. I strive to be one of them, un-phased by hate and brave in the face of the confrontation dissimilarity brings. I’d love to proudly display my heart on my sleeve without the fear of it being overlooked or trampled on, just proud to have a heart.

5. I’ve been going to the nail shop every 2 weeks since I was a teen ( 15/16 y/0)

6. My most favorite human being EVER (My Grandmother) passed away of Alzheimer’s disease when I was 15. That day marks My first heart break, the first time I lost a friend, the moment I got “lost”, and the first tattoo I got >”Grandma’s Baby”<.

7.The beach at sunrise/sunset ; I have yet to see a more beautiful place in the world

8. I am actively fighting my procrastination problem lol

9. The love of my life HATES makeup.

10. I love to write but I got a “C” in English two semesters ago…

11.  I believe being beautiful, feeling beautiful, and looking beautiful are 3 different things. One is who you are and who you would be even if you had no face (being beautiful), the other is a feeling or emotion based off of your own opinion or the opinion of others (feeling beautiful) and the last is purely surface level, and though we tend to put the most emphasis on this one it’s not as important as the first two.

Ok… on to my Nominees:*Drum Roll Please*

Madge on Makeup


Angel Zoo

Beauty Tips from a busy mom



Porcelain Rouge:

Pretty and Messy:


LUX makeup Artistry:

Let’s Talk Cosmetics:

If you choose to except this award here are your questions:

1.What’s the best thing you’ve ever given up?

2.How many times have you used profanity in the past 48 hours lol.

3. In your opinion what makes a woman beautiful?

4.What’s the last thing you laughed at?

5.What is your all time favorite food?

6.What color are your nails?

7.Will you be swinging with the trends and trying an orange lipstick this Spring?

8.What’s one thing you hate about makeup?

9.With all the technology today do you stil have times that you prefer a good ol’ pen and paper?

10. When someone hurts your feelings, how do you usually bounce back?

11. What’s your definition of success?


Remember this award is all about showing love and getting attention to the blogs/bloggers who have under 200 followers and deserve to be noticed. IF you choose to accept this award make a post with the following to keep the love going:

1. Your acceptance speech lol which includes the name and the link of the person(s) who nominated you. -They need love too!

2. Answer the 11 questions listed by the person who nominated you

3.List 11 Random facts about yourself

4.Nominate 11 of your favorite blogs (add the links)

5.Last but not least, ask 11 questions of your nominees.

Until next time Mobbies!!


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