The Doll’s Cosmetics: The process


I can not believe what a week I’m having! First, you brighten my day and by nominating me for the Liebster twice,  later that night  I spoke with an investor who I thought could be interested in helping me get my cosmetics line started and when I tell you I put together one meeeean presentation lol. They are never ready for the girl with locs, nails, and lipstick to kick it to them like a business exec :0) So anyway, long story as short as possible with God’s favor I got an investor!!! Ordered all of my supplies this morning with a few dollars left over lol. And what will I call the line?? Doll Mob Cosmetics of course!

Doll Mob Coming Soon

We are officially in motion(packaging, product, tools, marketing supplies, even labels)!!!! I am trying to be an adult about this whole thing but I’m sure you can tell by all the exclamation points I’m using that I really truly just want to fall apart (n a good way).

Doll Mob Cosmetics Glass Pout Collection

I’ve been so busy being excited that I haven’t done my makeup…just lashes and gloss, but I will try to get a FOTD today and I hope to film a tutorial next week. For those who know a word of prayer please pray for me.If you’re not into praying send me good vibes, blessings, smiles, hugs, or what ever you’re into just send them in lol! That moment thoughts, plans, and dreams start to become real=Scary. Now it’s all on me. 

I’m going to need your opinions along the way so get used to being responsive! Colors, color names, which photos to use for marketing, labeling….EVERYTHING. Of course this means I will be keeping you up to date on the ins and outs and bad days of getting a cosmetic company up and running. Hopefully my journey will inspire you to take your own!

I so love my mobbies, you dolls are my good luck charms ❤

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “The Doll’s Cosmetics: The process

    1. lol I am beyond excited! The what if’s of failure can’t touch what I’m feeling right now (although they are there). It feels right, so I’m going with it! *Fingers Crossed*

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