Hmmmm, If I were a shade of lipstick…….

I’m in Brainstorming over-drive right now and I thought this would be a good time to put my mobbies to work! I have tons of ideas for colors and names for colors but I want to get your opinions because you dolls remain my inspiration! Id like to have lippies for every women and every occasion. Vivid lippies, shiny lippies, matte lippies, lippies with glitter, dark lippies, lippies for weddings, lippies for business execs, lippies for party girls…………………………you get the picture lol. I believe that my success will largely depend on my ability to appeal to every women, everywhere. SO here’s your first mission mobbies!

Turn your present day situation into a color. Maybe you’re relaxing today and the color that reminds you of relaxation is a pale purple, or you’re grumpy and your color would be black, maybe you just got a raise and you’re thinking of an increase in income $ so your color would be a money green, or just became the mother of a beautiful bay boy and your color is sky blue. You cfan be more practical and think in terms of what color you wear regularly and feel most comfortable in. There are no wrong answers…’s the question:

If you were a lipstick today what color would you be & what would you call yourself…

K'aoir colors

For Example: I’m a point in my life where being a women has empowered me. I embrace my femininity as well as my sexuality and I am now confident enough to get people’s attention and MAKE them look/listen when at one time I would rather get lost in the crowd. Because my present day involves sexuality, power, and attention I’d go with a deep red color………

If I were a lipstick I’d be a Red named “Deeper”

^^^^Lime Crime product Featured^^^^

Idk if you can add pics in the comments or not but if you can feel free to (I encourage you to)!! You never know, your color could be Doll Mob Cosmetics first best seller! ❤

Multiple colors welcomed!


6 thoughts on “Hmmmm, If I were a shade of lipstick…….

      1. When I see the action of being impatient I see it in a light purple almost lavender. Bright for being noticed as when I’m impatient it’s obvious like a bright lipstick.

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