Motives For LaLa: The Review Before the Review

Good morning Mobbies!

I hope everyone’s day started out smooth and beautiful. It’s raining on my side of the world but I love rainy days. For some odd reason the rain calms and centers me. I don’t like to be in it but it gazing through my window at it gives me life.

Anywho, on to today’s post! Over the last couple weeks things have really been looking up career wise. No major financial increases or changes but little things are happening that give me hope about continuing my journey and a little hope is all I need! I was contacted by two  members of the Motives for LaLa team about distributing their product. Although I’ve heard about Motives for LaLa I have never personally purchased it nor do I have any Makeup artist associates or friends that are raving about the brand. Because of this  I was hesitant to get too excited about the offer, well because of that and the fact that I am totally invested in my own cosmetics line and can not afford to double or triple invest.

Other Products

SO because the young ladies from Motives were so interested in me, I decided to do some research on what they have to offer as to not pass up an opportunity. Although I am still not interested in being a representative or an owner for Motives cosmetics. I did find a thing or two intriguing about the brand. The shadows and lip glosses are pretty but from what I can tell from the photos(which I admit isn’t a good way to judge cosmetics lol) there’s nothing truly extraordinary about the pigments or the pigments but they are trying to make up for it in a really big way.

Custom foundations

Your Skin In A Bottle…..

I don’t know about you but I have become a foundation mixologist over this past year! It is too close to impossible to find foundation that matches in complexion as well as fit one’s individual skin care needs. The foundation match struggle is REAL! I have to give props to the motives brand for facing a problem that seemed to be one we’d have to learn to live with.  I don’t know of any other company  that sells customized foundation, but then again I don’t know everything lol.

Another perk is Motives Cosmetics actually gives you and lists the cash back……..

*WAIT A MINUTE MOBBIES* In the middle of it all the mail man came and bought me GREAT joy by way of two of my packages!!!!!! SO I will have to make this Motives post a little shorter than planned lol

To jump directly to the point, Motives for LaLa will be sending me a few items to try out this week and we’ll review them right here!  (Part 2: The Review)

Have you ever brought anything from the Motives brand? Let me know!


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