Doll Mob Cosmetics : Day 1

Good morning Mobbies!

It has officially begun! I am still waiting on a set of pigments but I’m really happy with the ones I received yesterday. Needless to say I spent my entire day yesterday concocting lol. Out of  10 colors I created we have: 1 “absolutely not”(which isn’t in the photo), 5 “winners” and  4″maybes”….. Not too bad for my first real batch.

All 9

I guess it’s a little over whelming when I think of what being successful in this means. Right now it’s fun. I feel like I’m in 5th  grade art class when the teacher insisted that there were  no mistakes in art. Mixing this color and that one, eager to get it to a consistency and color that makes me smile. Simply for personal gratification and intrinsic reward.  Once I’m at the point where the purchasing starts IF it goes well I’ll be trying to stay on top of the supply and demand levels , making sure the shipping is affordable and fast, plus budgeting and investing profit to maximize the desire for the brand   blahblahblah lol.

I guess I can pat myself on the back for planning this thing out beyond the fun parts but as much as I hope(d) for success I am not sure I am prepared to do what is necessary all by myself. Doubtful Dorrine lol. BUT Regardless of the insecurity and fear I will give it my all.

 Batch 1 minues inked and karrot cake

I am a little ify about a few of them but I love Privacy, Combat (I changed the name to Salute), and Kanarie Gold, and Sweet Dream they will definitely make it to the line.


My problem with Grown


1st of all I’m not completely happy with the name of it I love the color but the consistency of the pigments needed plus the base I’ve created makes it a little thicker than I like.. Idk if the pic does it justice but it’s a really pretty deep coral color that also gives me a hot pink depending on which way the light hits it. NEW NAME and a little tweek of the recipe and she’s a keeper.

Disclaimer: I’d like to say I don’t know if I’d ever wear a grey lipstick and I’ve never seen anyone with it on either lol  But after everything was over I decided to take inspiration from the day and try to create a color

Stormy Skies and Inked Swatch

My Problem with Stormy Skies

I think the fact that it’s grey kinda weirds me out lol lol I mean although it’s a blue-grey I just don’t know if it’s a good idea. I am constantly using the world wide web to my advantage ,which I should bc my internet bill is ridiculous lol but that’s another day and another blog. Anyway, I checked it out and to my surprise Gray lips are kinda hot on the runways and MAC, Lime Crime, Graftobian, and a few other brands have their own versions of gray lippies so I guess I’m in good company.

grayGray lipstickChinchilla

I’m still not sure if she will make it to the line but my research definitely bettered her chances.

I also pressed a shadow to match “Grown?” I have yet to try it out but rest assured I’ll keep you posted! I

Until Next time Mobbies!


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