I added 2 newbies to the collection last night:
Queen and Diva-ish. I am infatuated with Queen but love them both! No gloss needed, build-able, blend-able. Definitely Keepers!

Thanks to one of my gorgeous mobbies I have a color that’s a tad lighter than the Diva-ish called “Impaitent” .
It puts me in the mind of lavender and it’s really pretty it’s just a little too bold of a color on me. OR maybe I need to play around with my liners and find something I’m comfortable with …..but I’ll try and swatch it soon.

I know you dolls got kinda used to me doing a face of the day so I tried to use a couple Doll Mob colors in a my lippie look. Since I ordered my supplies ALL I can seem to talk about is getting my line together..Sometimes I just get so focused on something that everything else takes a backseat which isn’t always good.

Thankfully I am on break from School which gives me time to be the epitome of a mobbie a.k.a makeup obsessed beauty

Hopefully you hang around until it’s beyond selfies and kitchen lab videos lol. I hope you’re being inspired and daring to dream while you’re awake!

Until next time ā¤


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