Glitterati Lids: The Sunday Beat

Hey mobbies!!

I wanted to give you dolls an update!

Everything is going really well! My last couple of days have been jam packed with brides and I have been totally slacking but I’ll always come back to you, never forget it! As I mentioned in one of my first blogs being a freelance MUA can be really unpredictable. One week you’re laying in bed, blogging, watching movies and then you’re booked for the next three weeks straight. I’m pooped BUT I did a beautiful gold glittery eye for one of my brides this morning and I wanted to duplicate it and share it with you!

Sweet Dream and Glitter

I have about 20 colors so far, a few vivids, some metallics, a couple deep dark hues, still a few tweeks to be made but I’m well on my way to being satisfied.


I am learning so much about myself in the process of pursuing my dreams. I feel we as women all to often find comfort in bending ever so slightly to accommodate those in our lives, or those in society that we forget what’s it’s like to have dreams of our own. That are truly our own. Not a better house for the family, a better school for the kids, better jobs for more financial stability (which are all very good and vital goals), but dreams that are drenched in your passion. Dreams that you’ve perhaps carried from childhood and let go when you learned that self preservation is looked at as “selfishness”.

I am far from where I want to be financially but having the guts to put myself out there win or lose has truly changed my life. It’s given me confidence I never thought I had, and a platform to reach people I’d never thought would listen.

I used to think the worst thing I could lose was my lipgloss believe it or not lol

Now I know the worst thing a woman can ever lose is her ambition.

Glitterati Lids: The Sunday Beat

Until Next Time Mobbies ❤


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