Something Slight:Monday Morning Makeover

Good morning mobbies!

Meet Q!




She is a  photographer friend of mine who I absolutely adore. She was one of the first photographers that I worked with when I began my journey as an MUA and I have been blessed to grow with her as I worked with her over the past year. Here’s our first and one of my favorite projects together.

Paloma Collage

Here’s our model’s before photo!

Palomas bfore


Anyway, because our duties keep us behind the camera and our focus is making who ever is front of the camera look their very best we often forget to do the same for ourselves. It’s a little different for me as a Makeup artist I learned early to ALWAYS be presentable and beat (made up). even if it’s a barely there look, your brows should be on point at the very least. Q’s line of work makes her focus on her clients (literally) and she doesn’t do makeup so she really has no reason to get all dolled up.


Until I gave her one yesterday: because you deserve it! We really need to get out of waiting for the “perfect moment” to do certain things. Taking time to treat ourselves is one of them. You need a treat when you feel you need a treat. If your week’s been entirely too long, and your kids are driving you up the walls and running up the walls behind you, if your love is plucking your last nerve (because even though we love them they do that), take a moment to exhale in what ever way you like.

Q is a mobbie in very sense of the word lol. Her obsession with Makeup is REAL and it’s the strangest thing because she doesn’t really know how to use it  but she is faithfully at the MAC counters and Sephora just grabbing stuff. Gotta love her lol. I noticed yesterday that Q often says little negative things about herself (really often) and it bothered me. Although she laughed when she described how she saw herself in the mirror: “hideous” or jokingly spoke of her  other imperfections it touched me because no one should look at their reflection and see more of their flaws than their beauty.  This goes beyond attractiveness and proportioned or symmetrical facial features. Makeup can fix imperfections, it can make your face appear slimmer, your nose thinner, your cheekbones higher, whatever you prefer. But the 1st ingredient to true and absolute beauty can not be found in a bottle no matter how much you pay for it.

I dare you to find 1 thing beautiful about the person looking back at you in the mirror every day this week!

 Here’s her Before and After!


My confident, beautiful inside and out Q-doll ❤




Until next time Dolls ❤


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