FOTD: The Lippie-Queen

Queen Lippie

Today’s face is featuring a slightly smoked gold eye and my favorite Doll Mob Lippie in Queen. Oh how I love her!  Anyway, to acheive this look I used MAC’s Goldmine on my lids (after doing my eyebrows and priming my lids of course) I smoked that out with a dark brown color from my BH cosmetics palatte, added a little Goldmine under my brow, lined my lid with Maybelline’s Stiletto Liner (my MUST have), threw my lashes on and added a little glitter.


Speaking of which Ok, so I recently ran into a way to glitz your lids for $1. That’s adhesive and glitter INCLUDED. E.L.F cosmetics sells glitter liner for $1 you can find it on and avoid the lines OR in Target’s beauty section and avoid the shipping fees lol which ever you prefer. SO anyway put on your favorite shadow, brak out your glitter liner and paint your entire lid with it. It’s require some drying but when it does you’ll have a beautiful mess proof glitter lid! Only $1 spent.

On to my lips ❤ >Can you dolls tell I’m swooning lol, I lined my lips with a plum liner from E.l.f and applied 2 coats or layers of my favorite lipstick from my lipstick line in Queen. I love this stuff! I made a video of me rubbing my lips together lol which sounds ridiculous but it was to try and show you the texture and how pigmented it is as far as not streaking and creasing when I pushed it around my lips. ANYWHO it didn’t make the cut. So I’ll have to figure out a way to show off a little later.



Until Next time Mobbies ❤



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