Friday Night Faces: Motives Review PT2

Good Afternoon Mobbies!


I’m back as promised with a review of a few motives products and I must say am really pleased! Let’s get to what you all may be wondering: YES I was sent these items for  free to review. No I am not being paid to review them and I did so under the condition that I could give my honest opinion of the products as a beauty professional and a loyal lover of cosmetics.

Alrighty. So now…here’s the Items I was sent to review:

Aphrodite Flirt Gunmetal


   Aphrodite Eye shadow                                           Flirt Lip Gloss                                       Gunmetal Eye Shadow


At first sight the shadows and gloss are really sleek. I love the gloss container and the applicator being a brush opposed to the doe foot was refreshing. The shadows have a really smooth texture in comparison to some of the other brands which makes them really, really, easy to blend.

When opening the gloss it gives you a rich opaque  fuchsia color as well as in the container but not so much on the lips. It’s oderless for the most part and it goes on really sheer and has a decent gloss consistency (Not too thin, not too thick). Here’s a closer look:

Lippie Spotlight

In the first photo I’m wearing the Flirt Lip gloss alone 2 layers no liner. In the second photo I am wearing a Fuchsia liner from NYX with a NYX pale pink lipstick and the Flirt Lip where the liner and the lipstick meet. The second option worked best for me but it definitely depends heavily on your preference.

 Both shadows retail for $12.50 and the Flirt Mineral Lip shine retails for $17.50. Now I can not tell a lie lol,  I think the gloss is nice but I personally would not purchase it for $17.50 especially because I would more than likely be having to purchase a lipstick as well (the upside is they have a cash back system). The eye shadows on the other hand won me over immediately and are most definitely worth the $12.50. Obviously I can’t explain the texture exactly if I tried (because I’m trying lol) but it’s so smooth easy going as if the minerals used we pampered and made happy before they potted, labeled, and shipped them and they are applied just as easy and appear just as smooth.


Motives Review Pic 1


After doing my brows, priming my lids, and “setting the standard” as I like to say using my blending brown shade, I used Aphrodite on the inner half of my lid and then applied the gunmetal shadow to the outer half. I initially blended that out with Surrender from the Sigma’s Dare Palette and added a little depth to that by adding about a speck of black to the very outer corners. I went back and blended the two shadows using Vibrant Grape by MAC to soften the transition between the two and then took a clean blending brush and  blended it all together.

Motives Review Pic 2

Again I love the shadow(A+) and can not say enough about their silky shimmery goodness and It’s a  good gloss and maybe someone on another type of budget could and would spend $17.50(C-) on a lip shine that’s offers a mild tint but the way my bank account is set up lol………you know the rest. Well there you have it. I still want to try their customized foundations and the lipsticks  BUT that’s another day and another blog

Until Next time Dolls ❤



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