TGIF- The Face

Good afternoon Mobbies of mine!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week and are looking forward to their weekend as much as I am (for no particular reason). Yesterday was full of lipstick line meetings…one of which was a meeting with a young lady named Vonnie who I am contemplating making  “the face” of the line.

Final CollageThese are selfies she took that I laid a background behind NOT professional photos so please don’t judge me lol.

The collage features: Stiletto, Hustla, and my new glossy lover Queen ❤ AND  “Impatient” which was customized right here on The Doll Mob blog by on of my Dolls.

I am in th process of reviewing the Motives for LaLa items sent to me. I’ll be doing a look of the day and of course giving you my honest opinion of the product, so stay tuned for that!

Until Next Time Dolls ❤



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