Seafoam Saturday: Face of the Day

Seafoam Saturday: Face of the Day

Hello there gorgeous!

Dropping by a face of the day between dinner and my Ethics and Diversity Paper. I even threw a shoe shot in for the shoe lovers.

Minty Mac lids and peachy NXY lips with a little motives gloss in “Flirt” around the edges.


It’s a bit dramatic for day time but I attempted to play it down by doing a soft nude-ish lip. My Whytley wedges came in the mail a few weeks ago and I had yet to wear them, while they are really high, the wedge makes it easy to distribute your weight and less likely to break your neck lol.

I am not a huge fan of JustFab because of the hassle i went through trying to get off of their inconvenient VIP program which bills you every moth whether you buy something or not. However I can not deny that I love their shoes( even tho the heels seem to get higher and higher every season) and bags.

So I’m off to finish up my paper. I hope you dolls are enjoying your weekend thus far!


Until next time!




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