Unmasked: The Stigma of Makeup

Artist Unmasked: Stigma of Makeup Rant

Hi Dolls!

Social Media strikes again! I’ve been trying to think of a slogan for my line for the last few weeks with no avail. I mean, I’ve been dedicated to this cause lol pulling inspiration from any and every where, even getting out of bed to write down dreams and ideas a.k.a losing sleep. One stroll down Facebook Blvd gave me not only the new Doll Mob slogan but a post for my mobbies.

The more i get into makeup the more I’m realizing that there is a growing “stigma” that some attach to cosmetics and cosmetics wearers. The post that inspired me was one that embodied and magnified this stigma like I’ve never seen. The young lady basically said that a little liner, gloss, and the optional mascara should be enough to “enhance” any women’s beauty. Anything other that is excessive, unnecessary, a cry for help, a bit slutty, and a sure sign of insecurities. Stating and I quote, “Women should love themselves more, and you’ll never get a long-term partner because you’re lying to them from the very start”. My first thought was “DID YOU NOT MENTION LIPSTICK ON THE LIST OF Things confident women wear?”

*I just want to leave that there for a moment and let you reflect*

I can’t lie and say that some makeovers aren’t more extreme and maybe more what some would call “necessary” than others BUT to cast a shadow on women who want to enhance their beauty, add a little drama, and or feel a little more glamorous is crazy.

Don’t even get me started on how the media tells women that this is beauty and that makes you popular, desirable, and sexy. OR how every celebrity they idolize (male or female) is very rarely seen without cosmetics on. Noooo we won’t mention that at all. Instead we’ll skip to the good part. 1) my response to the negativity and 2) the positivity that came from the experience.

While i prepared my self to defend the makeup lovers, junkies, addicts, and artist all across the world i thought the best message would be one that is worth a thousand words but actually used no words at all:

Lipgloss and lashes


The message: #yesILoveMakeup #ILoveMeEvenMore #SayWhatYouWant #IownIt

>>>That moment when you prove someone wrong without trying<<<

When that moment passed I had the most brilliant and satisfying idea by way of the perfect slogan.  The new (makeup stigma inspired) slogan for Doll Mob Cosmetics is*Drum Roll Please*


Because at the end of the day that’s just it. It may not be “necessary” in all cases, you may not like it,  it’s not for everyone, BUT we do it because we want to and we need no other reason than that.

Many say makeup is the issue but in my opinion, if people would learn to get to know a person (women in particular in this case) beyond what they look like, and stop being so shallow  1) it wouldn’t matter what I looked like with makeup 2) it wouldn’t matter what i looked like without any makeup on at all…… PROBLEM SOLVED.

Lipgloss and lashesblack out lids and nude lips4

But because you’ve pushed us to be perfect, flaw-free, and confident and you’ve shouted your expectations from the mountain tops you mistakenly created a beautiful monster. A women who defines sexy for herself, who pushes back when she is shoved and relies on her own opinions and desires to make choices. In short: WE DO WHAT WE WANT!

A real woman

Until Next Time Mobbies ❤


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