1st Doll Mob Shoot: The struggle…..

1st Doll Mob Shoot: The struggle.....

Hello gorgeous!!!

Oh how I’ve missed you! I know you dolls know without me telling you that I have been all sort of busy. With working, making lippies, researching marketing strategies, planning photo shoots which includes casting a team-models/photographers etc., coming up with concepts, and the hardest part of ALL synchronizing several schedules (Not to mention HOMEWORK).

I’m not complaining but can I vent lol. One re-schedule/cancellation makes my life really complicated and because I’d like to have a plan B I have to keep my grades up…which requires my to make time to completely focus on that.

Long story short. I said I would get this done, and not only “done” done right. So when my photographer cancelled for this weekend (MY very first photo shoot project) I decided to pick up my head, and my camera and do it myself.

It’s nothing A magazine would publish BUT I am very proud, maybe even more proud of the ending result because I did it all myself. Hair, Makeup, Photography, Wardrobe EVERYTHING .

Lesson of today’s post: Don’t allow anyone to hold you up or back from what you want to do. We all need people but you’d be surprised what you can accomplish with a little determination. Set your goals and get it done, even if you have to improvise.

The Doll Mob

Until Next Time Mobbies!

OH be sure to follow me on IG for a chance to try some lipstick before it’s available to purchase them this summer! @TheDollMob


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