Support is Free!

Good morning mobbies!

Look who has there hands on a Doll Mob Tee!! Catch that slogan???? That’s riiiiiight: We do what we want!! I am so SIKED! So here comes the hash tag hysteria:

#WhenDreamsMaterialize #Priceless #NeverBeenMoreProud #YoungEntrepreneur #FightingForAndFollowingDreams #GirlsWithGoals #TheDollMob #WeDoWhatWeWant


On a less exciting note. I am exhausted as I’ve been up since 5 working on a paper that was due at 9:30a WHICH I’d like to mention is no one’s fault but my own lol. I will be taking a power nap before my 11:30 since my brushes are clean and sterile and I’m all set up I think I can pull that off. *fingers crossed* bc I’m going to try lol.

BUT I come before you today asking for your help.  I was discussing the issues I have been encountering with a client of mine and she insisted that I share my story on Gofundme,com and see what happens. As much as I hate asking for help(it’s a little embarrasing),I am mature enough to know when I can use it. And, it couldn’t hurt! So I did.

What I need from you: Please Please Please Pleeeeeeeease share my link and or this post…on your blogs and social networks, with friends, family, and co-workers etc. and have them do the same. Someone may know someone, who knows someone who can help.

Here’s the link:


I’ll also be selling Doll Mob Tee shirts to raise money email me if you’d like to support the movement by purchasing a T-shirt


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