NEVER BUY MAKEUP AGAIN??? The 3D Makeup Printer that has the beauty industry buzzing!

Good morning mobbies!


On my daily stroll down Facebook Ave. a photographer friend of mine shared a link entitled “Is Harvard Student Bringing Down The Beauty Industry”. Being the “leader” of the mob (M)akeup (O)bsseed (B)eauty, I found it my responsibility to figure out who this chick named Grace was and what they meant by “Bringing Down” the beauty industry, because last I checked “Ain’t nobody got time for that” lol.

So I checked out the link (Demonstration starts at about 3:26) :

3D Makeup Printer Article

I am amazed at what this thing can do. To think I’d never have to buy another makeup product again is …….is…….well it’s exciting and scary at the same time. I’d love to be able to take a photo of someone’s lipstick and hurry home to my printer and make my own, the question is what does this mean for the brands we know and love? No more MAC, Sephora, Smashbox etc. OR Will it force the brand we know and love to lower their prices because of the cheap and steep competition?

Grace plans to retail the MINX (the makeup printer) for $300 at start up AND if it is a success we can bet it won’t be staying that price for long. Not that that means we should run out and get it because in a year or two the $300 model will be put to shame by the $800 which prints lipsticks and by 2016 that one will be replaced by the $1,250.00 that prints lipsticks, shadows, and foundations.

A master makeup chemist named Jim Hammer seems to think the Mink has a long way to go before printing quality makeup products:

Here’s his article

Could this be the next generation of cosmetics? A printer? What are your thoughts?




8 thoughts on “NEVER BUY MAKEUP AGAIN??? The 3D Makeup Printer that has the beauty industry buzzing!

  1. I have to admit the idea is awesome. What! To be able to see a color you like, go home and print it up, heck yeah. But for those of us strapped for cash that’s a bit of stretch. Again I love the idea, I know it’s just a matter of when. I think the make up industry will be ok too many women love their favorite brands to part with what works for them. I’m an E.L.F. lover myself. I wish her all the best.

    1. I agree! It really get’s me excited (at first glance) but once you start to think about the changes and other financial problems this could create, it starts to get more complicated lol.

      Thanks for your response Grace29!

      1. This idea is amazing…..There is no getting around it. To be able to print cosmetics is definitely something I don’t think any one would imagine we’d be doing lol. It is a little scary to think of the impact it may have on the industry only because it’s something we never thought possible and change is scary lol! Either way it’s exciting! Thanks for your comment Lucy! I missed you lol

      2. It is scary! I think this is definitely a cool thing, but the Beauty Industry is much more foolproof. Aw, thanks! ❀

  2. I absolutely love the idea of this. Do I want to see the fall of the beauty? Hell No but I would love it if the prices from Sephora/MAC and the likes would be forced to lower those prices because there is an option to go home and just make the colors myself. BIG Kudos to her for being able to create this product and it actually works!

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