Summer Beats 101

Good morning Mobbies!

It’s been a little longer than I like BUT you know I’ll always come back to you lol. It’s been beyond hectic because it’s wedding season, so love is in the air and the MUA’s in the area are trying to keep it polished and pretty, on top of that I am still managing to keep a ‘B+’ in my psych classes, AND working on getting my lipstick line ready for launch in July.

SO, I decided to drop off a FOTD (quick and easy) and give you dolls a few summer time makeup pointers.summer makeup tips

First and foremost you may want to lay your liquid/cream foundations to rest especially on mid day/early afternoon outings. Although some foundations have SPF in them and will protect your skin there is nothing that will protect your foundation from the sun and it’s more than likely to run and/or fade as you sweat. Setting sprays do their best to counteract the effects of a 90 degree day but let’s face it, the elements eventually win!  I would also suggest a more natural/neutral look for summer days that rely heavily on bronzers, BB creams, and light powders. The perfect summer look leaves you with a natural yet unphased sun kissed glow.

It is waaaay to hot for cake!

Until next time ❤

Natural eyes pink lips collage


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