Random Genius: Getting what you want vs. doing it your way…

Good evening Dolls.

No makeup today. I’ll be dropping off some beauty in the form of knowledge/inspiration. I encountered a situation today that led me to thinking about a few things and I wanted to share with you, and maybe get your opinions.

In my opinion there are 2 types of people…*those who want to do it their way and *those who get what they want.

Those who want to do it their way more often miss out on obtaining their goal because are not flexible in the path chosen. They are continuously fighting changes and stopped by disappointments because there is no way to predict nor plan them and even if there was not too many people would include closed doors in their plans. If they have it in their heads that they’re going through that front door, their pride will take them home before they find an alternate route.

Those who get what they want know the ending result is the goal and the road taken is secondary to getting to their destination. They are flexible in their movements and willing to b-line to a window if the door wont open, but are forever focused on their destination.

This is why it’s important to have goals. It’s easy to get caught up in living life “your way” and not actually getting anywhere. This is not to say you are supposed to drag yourself through the dirtiest valley, lead boring lives, settle for less than you deserve. There are lines to be drawn and a balance needed in EVERYTHING you do. Just remember that doing it your way may not be the way to get what you want and that is ultimately the goal.


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