Virginia’s Full Figured Fashion Week!

Good Evening dolls of mine!


I am dropping off two photos from today’s shoot. Very excited because this was my first REAL in house shoot. My love and I invited one of the models who will be gracing the runway in the VF3W fashion show to do a test shoot and try out our new equipment when this happened:


Ynette FinalLY 2 TD WatermarkYnette FinalLY TD Watermark

I am soooo very proud of my love and our ability to work together. It’s only up from here!

Here’s a before and after of the model (Y. Evans).


Photography done by Knaz of the up and coming Media Masterminds Va

Makeup and post production by yours truly!!!

I would love to say more but there’s not enough hours in a day…so I’ll hashtag my way offline tonight and try again tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to read my nothings. ❤

#ProudMoment #Soexcited #WellWas #UNTILIRemeberedMyBiologyPaperWasDue #HomeworkCantRainONMyParade #ShowBrideFashionShowInTheMorning #NextStopTheMoon #IMeanABook #GoodStuff #GoodNight


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