Beauty Bloggers Unite: Let’s Learn Together!

Good afternoon Dolls!

As wedding season comes to a close, my schedule opens up and my life becomes a little less hectic. This year I wanted to something a little different and thought it would be fun to include you! Off seasons are the perfect time to get back in the habit of perfecting my techniques and learning new ones. Something like back to school for Beauty Enthusiasts.

Even though I am a professional artist and I make my living doing makeup I can never allow myself to become complacent in my craft. The industry is ever changing, and even professionals have to be willing and able to evolve with it to stay on top of the game. I’d like to invite 3 of you to come and have a beauty ball with me this fall! We’ll meet up virtually maybe once a week until the last week in December.  I’d like to call it “The Doll Mob” lol but I’m open to suggestions. We’ll have weeks where we complete makeup challenges, show and tell on new products, chat beauty trends, the industry, the makeup business whether getting started or staying relevant, celebrity makeup, Q & As,  and much more.  

I will take care of all the expense that virtual meeting rooms seem to come with so no worries there! If you’re interested send a short letter of interest including your location, title: beginner, enthusiast, professional etc, and a photo of your work to


Entries end September 6th. 



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