Princess Skin in Winter/Fall PT 1: Normal Skin

Good morning Doll babies!

We all know that a flawless face begins with “Princess” skin. Wth is “Princess” skin, you ask? I knew you would bc I just made that up lol. That means skin that is well kept, nurtured, spoiled, treated like royalty, and held in high regard. Skin that glows naturally and demands attention. One of the biggest mistakes I see in the industry is women getting caught up in the purchase and application of cosmetics: lipsticks, shadows, concealers, foundations, mascaras, blah blah blah. And WHILE it is really important to find your shades/skin types/perfect red lipstick none of that truly matters until you’ve figured out the perfect skin care routine. And that’s why we’re here. There is soooo much info we’ll have to break this post into sections.

Princess Skin

The weather is changing and your wool-blends and knits aren’t the only things that should be getting heavier. Regardless of your skin type  there are changes that need to be made in your daily routine to balance out the affects the elements have on your skin as the seasons change. I’ve done my research and here’s what the top skin professionals in the industry is recommending for the perfect Fall/Winter skin. PLEASE NOTE: You must cleanse your face before doing ANYTHING else.


For Normal Skin:

Normal SkinIf you happen to be one of the lucky chicks with normal skin you would want to find a cream-based moisturizer which would will treat your skin better in the cold than a lotion. You want to stay clear of gels which often have a water base and can be a little drying and ointments which will probably prove to be too heavy for you. AND always aim for a product that has an SPF level of 30 or higher and is rich in Vitamin C. SN: This post is reminding of Goldilocks and the 3 bears for some odd reason lol.  Anywho- Here’s a list of products that should be just right for you:

  • Peter Thomas Roth CC Broad Spectrum SPF Complection Corrector  Found at Sephora for $48.00 this stuff is said to be the “Throne” of princess skin. With 30x the vitamin C of an orange, I guess those who are saying it may be on the right track. Sephora carries 4 shades ranging from light to deep
  • EveLom TLC Cream Found at Barneys NY for a whopping $80 this anti aging moisturizer is said to soften the appearance of fine lines and is ideal for a night cream the promotes a more rested and vibrant appearance
  • Cerave Facial Moisturizing Cream is the more practical product on the list, which is to be expected when the top professionals weigh in. Cerave products can be found Online at Drug range from $3-$20. BE WARNED the customer reviews are a bit shaky and this tends to be the product geared more toward the budget shopper than women striving for princess skin. So keep that in mind…

That’s all for this portion of “Princess Skin”. I’ll be back with more pro suggested products in a few. Meanwhile, which moisturizer gets you ready for the chilly winds and brisk cold nights of Fall of Winter??? Share with us!

Until next time mobbies ❤




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