Makeover Madness: Get the look

Hello dolls.

It’s be a crazy week/weekend but I’m here with a FOTD/Makeover for you from a wedding I did on yesterday!!!

Meet Kim..

Kim Bridesmaid

I was hired to do hair and makeup for the wedding yesterday and Kim was one of my gorgeous canvases. When doing hair and makeup for a client I always do hair first because I don’t want melting makeup issues if the “do” calls for heat. Because she washed her hair the morning of (which isn’t ideal) her hair was still a tad wet when we began styling. A wet/dry flat iron was used to dry and straighten it as much as possible without damaging the hair. Next I curled Kim’s  hair with a 1″ curling iron and pinned them right off the press(while they were hot). I pretty much took 2 inches of hair at a time and worked my way around her head until it was all pin curled.

While the curls set….

FACE: I used MAC’s Fix plus fluid to hydrate her face, followed by a moisturizer and E.L.F mineralized primer. Next I applied a CoverGirl Foundation and a concealer from the BH cosmetics camo palette to hight light her face and further correct her dark circles.

EYES: On her lids A color from BH cosmetics 5th edition palette mixed with Trick from the Naked 3 palette. With MACS cork, Naked 3 Factory, and Balckheart in the crease.

LIDS: On her lips I used  MAC’s Shock Value to color in the lips, topped with MAC’s Candy Yum Yum and went back to add a little more definition to the edges with Mac’s Fashion Boost Pencil.  Kim Collage


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