MAC’s Fix + VS. MAC’s NEW Prep & Prime

Hiya Dolls!

Here I am dropping off a really quick review of MAC’s new Fix+ (Prep + Prime). Let me start off by saying I am a loyal Fix+ girl. It’s my “holy water”.I may not be a MAC-a-holic but I am sure to place my order for another bottle before the one I have has a chance to run out. YES it’s that serious. It does everything from making your shimmery pigments pop, acts as a refreshing makeup sealant as well as refreshing your makeup during the day. Did I forget to mention how delightful it smells? How could I!

How I use it:

I use Fix + all during my makeup application not just before and after as some may suggest. I begin by spraying it on my bare face before applying moisturizer. I use cream products and powders which have a tendency to get a little cakey if you’re not careful. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING brings my makeup to life like Fix +. After applying and setting my concealer with powder (Ben Nye Banana Powder to be exact) I apply my face powder on the areas I didn’t conceal and blend out any harsh lines to create smooth transitions. After which time I grab my Fix + spritz my face and with the flat top powder brush from e.l.f I pat(not rub) it into my face. This is before I add any color i.e blush, shadow, highlight etc. After I have completed my face before I apply my lashes and mascara I spritz my face one last time for the road repeating the stippling with my e.lf powder brush. Am I over doing it? Possibly but It turns my cream foundation/concealers and powders into a skin like seamless dream. No cake, no embarrassing powdery mask. Not even in photo flash situations. Just me

.Fix plus

Anyway, my bottle was getting awfully low as you can see and I decided it was time to place my re-up order. Only to be met by a NEW Fix+ called Prep + Prime as if I needed a new and upgraded slightly higher priced addiction.  In case you’ve never purchased it…Fix + used to be $20 for the size pictured above. And although I had to talk myself into the first purchase it most definitely made me feel as if it was worth the dub ($20) once I began to use it.

A little off topic: but s/o to Mac for having fast and FREE shipping on every order. You can’t beat that with a 2×4. Ok, A day or two passed and my dealer (the mailman) brought me my Prep + Prime.


New wrapping

At first glance it was everything I imagined. All of Mac’s items come in sleek black packaging but this one had a beautiful galaxy of purple and green sparkles on it. The bottle itself is more frosty than the original and of course it says Prep + Prime the newbie

  New wrapping2


The question everyone is probably asking (the only question that matters) is it better than the original. Answer: No. The good news is it’s just as good. Fix + has always had several uses. Prep, prime, hydrate, refresh, seal, moisturize and more hunni this stuff was ALREADY everything a doll could ask for. So while I am not over joyed that MAC went up $2 and upgraded only the packaging. I still can not live without this stuff. *Kanye Shrugs*

Guilty Pleasures.

More good news! MAC also offers a travel size for only $10. I buy the larger one because I need it in my kit as well as OD’ing on it during my personal applications but the smaller one is perfect for single person use.

That’s all for now.



loreal infallible setting spray

Did you know that there’s a drug store brand setting spray that is said to rival Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray? L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray retails for $16.99 in drugstores and has claims of being just as good as the setting spray “Gods. Which should come as no surprise being as though Urban Decay is a L’Oreal brand, but for some reason I was shocked! Review to come..

Until next time dolls ❤


3 thoughts on “MAC’s Fix + VS. MAC’s NEW Prep & Prime

  1. SO…I guess since u didnt comment on it I got a bad one….My bottle sprays different…like a cleaning product. I was hoping this new bottle (being its the 1st time Ive had to repurchase) hadnt been changed. Mine isnt spritzing a fine mist…its shooting it out on one spot on my face! Thank god the 1st use wasnt with a full face of makeup on because it would have ruined it (yes its that forceful of a spray). Well now I gotta go to the mall because like u I ordered mine online.

  2. Hi Rachael!

    I’m so sorry for the MAJOR delay in response. By now you’ve remedied the issues with your “Holy water”. You should’ve been able to return it to your local MAC counter due to the defective bottle. Hopefully, you’ve seen that not all of them spray like Raid lol. For future references tho If you ever have that issue with this or any like setting or finishing spra and for some reason you can’t return it…you can use a powder brush to apply the fix+.. Just spray the brush instead of your face and gently pat NOT RUB the fix filled brush all over your face.

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