MAKEUP/Beauty Haul: Makeup In the Mail

It’s very seldom that I am left feeling warm and fuzzy after checking the mail. I don’t know how your mail checking experiences are but the way mine are set up can be summed up in about 4 words.

  1. Bills
  2. Bills
  3. Bills
  4. Sales ads

Well that’s 2 words but you get the point lol. Today, Friday November 14th, 2014 goes down in history as thee best mail day ever for me and I felt compelled to share my postal euphoria with my dolls.

Makeup in the mail

What’s In the mail?

December’s issues of Glamour & InStyle Magazine

Bh Cosmetics Camo Concealer Palette

My 1st Ipsy Glam Bag

Small shipment from NYX cosmetics

First things first. I can not lie……I had absolutely no chill when it came to getting into my Ipsy bag! I have heard so many good things about them from fellow makeup artists and enthusiasts that keeping calm was the very last thing on my mind.

Ipsy's here

First impressions:

Ooooo pretty!

The package came out of the mail box in pretty pink foil packaging. Some people don’t care about small details like these BUT I’m not those people. I admire suppliers who put thought and effort into their products and presentation is everything.

2nd impressions:

Aahhhh Pretty!

Ipsy November Glam bag

November’s glam bag theme: Girl Meets Glitter

Uhhh YES! Every girl needs a little glitter in their makeup kits whether professional or enthusiast. With the holidays right around the corner I couldn’t have thought of a better theme for a pretty little bag of glam!

What’s INside?

Inside November's Glam Bag

1. Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream by be Delectable from cakebeauty

2.Wonder Lip paint from J.Cat Beauty in the color

3. Gem Eye Pencil by StarLooks in the color

4. Power Mud dual cleanse treatment by GLAMGLOW

5. Eyebase by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics in the color

While I have yet to try any of the products except the cococut and vanilla smelling#1 which I loved >instantly< I am very happy with the glam bag because regardless of whether I am completely in love with the products or not I am getting WELL over my $10 worth.

Ipsy is a definite ‘Doll Mob Certified’ do! It’s like Christmas every month bc you never know exactly what you’ll be getting and the anticipation is crazy lol. If you’re a lover of beauty/makeup enthusiast/skincare fanatic/ artist/inspiring artist Ipsy is a great way to stay in tune with the beauty world, introduces us to great products we may not have come across before, and gives us something to blog about!  $10 worth? Yes Ma’am!

Visit my ipsy!:

Next up: My small NYX haul!

NYX Haul

I’ve wanted to try NYX’s line of Macron lippies since they launched during the Summer and I just got around to getting one.

Macron Lipstick in the color Chamord (black)

Butter Lipstick in the color Hunk (Pink)

Gel Liner and Smudger in the color Betty (Black)

And Slim Lip Pencils in the colors:

  • Deep Purple
  • Hot Pink
  • Nutmeg
  • Y2K
  • Soft Brown

Last but not least one of my kit must haves arrived today, bh cosmetic’s 10 color camo concealer palette.

BH Cosmetics

I haven’t tried most of the products but I’ll be sure to part 2 this post and let you know what I think of those I have yet to try.

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


4 thoughts on “MAKEUP/Beauty Haul: Makeup In the Mail

    1. Thank you Kaily! It’s the little things right lol? Nothing better to start the day with than your favorite magazines and makeup in the mail. As far as Hunk goes…..I sure hope it does! *Fingers Crossed*

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