Small Accomplishments..It’s the little things!

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Good afternoon Dolls!

I am excited to say that The Doll Mob has a little over 100 subbies as of today!!! *Doin’ my dance* I know that’s nothing compared to some BUT I began this blog with only one goal in mind and that was to get it all off my chest..however I wanted.

As some of you know I had been a curator or content creator for other brands and sites before I decided to do my own thing. While I would get 100,000 hits on a good day I never felt like my readers and I connected. My posts were confined and restricted; I was forced to follow a strict format and keep a certain tone when writing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it bc I love fashion but I longed to be connected to my audience and more than anything I wanted to show who I was in my writing which is how The Doll Mob was born.

As time passed I’ve added different elements to the blog all which are important to who I am. Because we’re growing I decided to set a small schedule so you know when to check for the topics and posts you like.

Start your week with Girl Talk Tuesdays. The beginning of the week can be tough. We’re worried about what to wear, what eat, the kids, our spouse, and most importantly making it to Friday. Take a much needed break from your start of the week norm and get inspired!  All posts on Tuesdays will be focused on mental and emotional health particularly catered to women BUT I’m sure everyone can benefit from the discussions! Send all your questions or topics you’d like to be discussed  to and look out for your topic on Tuesday.
Women Supporting Women
FabFaced Fridays: It’s not hard to tell this will be a day of beauty. It’s the end of the week and it may be time to find a party or if you’re like me…. stock your beauty bag. Stop by The Doll Mob on Fridays for  “face of the days’, product reviews, industry chat, DIY Looks, beauty tips and more ! If you have any skin care, makeup or industry questions send them to and check back Friday for a post dedicated to you!
summer makeup tips
STYLE Sundays.Maybe you’re in search of inspiration for your work week, that girls night out you’ve been planning all month, or a first date…. Get all the fashion inspiration you can stand right here on The Doll Mob. Send all your style scenarios to and check back on Sundays for your style scenario inspiration!

This isn’t MY blog. It’s our meeting place. The Doll Mob is place where women come to be their kind of beautiful while help other women discover what beauty is to them.   So if you have something on your mind (Beauty, Fashion, or General)….email us ( . If you see a post that speaks on a situation you’ve been through or are going through……share with us. If you like the content  for the day….LIKE IT!

To all my subbies, old and new, Thank you so much for rockin’ with me! You are the most valuable part of the mob! ❤

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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