Subbie Treats: Tis’ the season for Freebies & Discounts

Hiya Doll Babies,

Kinda busy today but I had to drop off the good news!

The Doll Mob is teaming up with one of the top cosmetic distributors in the US who just happens to carry some of our favorite brands: Eve Pearl, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Stila, Ardell & Velour Lashes, SugarPill, Kevyn Aucion, Graftobian, Mehron JUST to name a few!

What does that mean to the mob?

pile of makeup

Uhh yea!?

#1-Is this perfect timing or what? My first thought when offered the opportunity:


 Christmas shopping! Next thought…….Discounts! Hey, a wise man once said a penny saved is a penny earned…. so this season I’m gifting my doll babies a purse full of pennies! Our quarters whichever you prefer.  So not done…. you can give the gift of pennies earned to your friends, family and followers by sharing our discount codes, re-gifting freebies as giveaway gifts or stocking stuffers, and spreading the word on must-haves & please don’ts . Tis’ the season right?

#2-Honest reviews on the products you’ve had your eye on. We’re giving you the ugly truth;-straight-no chasers (mob policy) on popular products before you buy.  As a makeup artist it’s important to me that I’m using quality products on my clients to keep them coming back & as a cosmetic consumer it’s vital that they are worth their weight in coins. Especially bc they’re my coins! Mobsters “break bread” together….The Doll Mob saves bread together….sounds good to me.

#3-Freebies No explanation needed! Because I love you so for what you do for the mob & my piece of mind, my success is your success.

FabFaced Fridays just got prettier! Don’t miss this cosmetic bliss…… Tune in to next Friday’s FabFace Friday (not tomorrow) for the company reveal, a product review(or two), and your seasons pass to all your favorite beauty brands for less….

Don’t forget to send your product inquiries and specific questions to and get a custom review of the items you’re curious about. OR simply leave it in the comment section of this or any post.

& of course If you haven’t already…….Join the Mob today by subscribing ❤

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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