FabFaced Friday: Flash back FOTD

I wanted to leave you dolls with a FOTD on our first FabFaced Friday…but wouldn’t you know my face didn’t see a LICK of makeup today. So we’re gonna do Flashback this Friday… Alot of my dolls are new anyway so it’ll be a first time seeing the face behind The Doll Mob for some of you. 🙂

This FOTD features one of The Doll Mob lippie collection in Queen amd a very light gold colored shadow (which I can not remember the name of by now) lol. I have always been a fan of deep pinks and purples…Fuschia being one of my favorite colors for lippies bc it compliments my skin well (or I’ve always thought so) so naturally when creating my own line of lipstick my signature color had to be something that reminded me of both pink and purple……..DSC01829

I never would have thought my favorite lipstick would be one I made myself………

Queen Lippie

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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