FabFaced Fridays: Glam Glow Goodness

Good Evening doll babies……..

Today as promised we’re on our FabFaced ishh lol. I took photos of the product…before, during, and after but I realized it’s really hard to tell how soft someone’s skin is by looking at a photos so I didn’t add them……..

The product we’ll be looking at today is 2014’s Latina Beauty Award Winner:

glam glow product pic

Glam Glow PowerMud Mask

What it’s supposed to do

Revolutionize your cleansing routine with NEW POWERMUD ‘Mud to Oil™’ DUALCLEANSE Treatment.  Indulge in a multi-sensory cleansing experience, uniting the Power of Mud & the Power of Oil to achieve SUPER amplified, deep cleansing, yet gentle results. Designed For Men & Women of All Ages & All Skin Types. Goodbye weekly buildup, hello Super Clean Super Velvety Skin.

Where to get it: Can be found in Neiman Marcus,  Sephora, or the host site glamglowmud.com for $69.


PowerMud (the one we’re reviewing today)





First impressions:

The Good: It smelled great. I am a sucker for smell goods! It’s very very faint smell but it’s still a plus in my book.

The not so bad: It’s really runny to be a mask…isn’t it. In glam glow’s defense I’ve NEVER used a mask before this one. I’ve only seen a few. They all seemed to be a cream consistency while glam glow reminded me more of a lotion.

Application…..there was nothing special to say about how the mask went on. The directions said to apply an even layer on a clean dry face, allow to dry for 5-10 minutes and remove with a warm water and a wash cloth. The lotion like formula made it a tad hard to get an even layer so I had to apply a little more as I expected. Even then the coverage was really sheer. Again in Glam Glow’s defense they have other masks that actually give you a mask coverage.



Glam Glow

Anyway….It gave my face a chilling tingle while drying which was nice…….take it for what it is lol.

Results: Wowzers!

Ok so by the way this review was going you probably thought that the end result would be a little tragic. While I think it’s important ot give you a step by step account of the product encounter what’s most important (to me at least) are results.

As soon as I removed the mask I could see a difference in my skin. It was softer, a tad brighter, moisturized but not in a greasy way, and even though it was clean before the mask it felt extremely clean after. I allowed my face to dry and applied my everyday moisturizer and I have stopped typing to rub my face several times…….baby bottom smooth.

Last but definitely not least Is it worth it?

Hmmmm…Did it work? Yes, Glam Glow did everything the website said it would, that alone is a miracle. The consistency concerns me only because it would seem you’d need to use a lot to get the full mask effect. I’m more of the ‘a little bit goes a long way’ girl. They also suggest you use the mask once a week. Because $70 is up there with my personal product limit and it seems it would be here today and gone tomorrow bc of the amount you have to use….I doubt I’ll be purchasing it. Unless of course they come down in prices or begin to offer smaller sizes.

Again, I definitely suggest you dolls sign up for Ipsy to get samples of amazing products like these you may have passed on buying otherwise for just $10. Click here….

http://www.ipsy.com/r/1rcj8?sid=ipsypoints&cid=generalYour own kind of beautiful (2)


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