Saturday Stuff: This or that Tag!

Good morning Doll babies.

I’ve done a couple of tag posts before and since I had nothing at all to do on this freezing Saturday morning I decided to start one today!

How does it work?

Tag posts are a great way to get to know and interact with your subbies, and vice versa… & every writer can benefit from getting to know their audience . You’re also having fun while recognizing and some what promoting your favorite followers by tagging them and providing links!

This or That Tag Rules:

1) State who tagged  you(provide link) Answer all the questions

2) Select one ‘This or That’ question for all your subbies to answer

3) Tag 4 people to answer ALL the this or that questions on their blogs(provide links)…

They say you really get to know people when they’re put in tight situations. Today’s “This or That” is going to do just that!

I’m going to do mine in reverse order and tag my dolls first…..I am naturally curious to know about the ladies who interact with me most. I tag:

  1. Maria B From Cat Eyes Red Lips
  2. Miss Tania B for Girl Fabulous Blog
  3. The World of Cos
  4. The Posh Blog

Question for all the dolls to answer: #30



1) Blush or Bronzer?

  • I truly think they go hand in hand but if I have to choose one I’d go with blush.

2)Eyeliner or Mascara?

  • Mascara

3)Foundation or Concealer?

  • Easy…concealer #HolyGrail

4)Lipgloss or Lipstick?

  • It really depends on the occasion BUT Imma go with lipstick..

5)Neutral or color Shadow?

  • I love to play with colors but my life would be so off balanced without my neutrals, so I’d say…neutral shadow with my lipstick in #4 sounds like a plan.

6) Sponges or Brushes?

  • When I say these things are tough lol I love to use sponges to apply my cream products (concealers, foundations, etc.) but my lid work would be nothing without a brush. SO I’ll go with brushes.


7)OPI or China Glaze?

  • Ironically I buy OPI more bc I see it more and I like them. BUT China Glaze gave me the best finish I’ve ever had when painting my nails at home. So..China Glaze.

8)Acrylic or Natural?

  • Acrylic

9) Long or Short?

  • Long

10)Brights, Darks, or Neutrals?

  • Darks this fall…Wine, Navy, Gray, black etc.


11)Perfumes or Mists?

  • Mists

12)Lotion or Body Butter?

  • Body Butter

13)Body Wash or Soap?

  • I use both but I can’t go without the scents….bodywash

14) Wax or Shave?

  • Shave. I love the long term results of waxing but have yet to get with the pain of it all.


15)Jeans or Joggers?

  • Joggers

16)Skirts or Dresses?

  • Skirts

17)Stripes or Checkers?

  • Love both but I’ll go with Checkers

18)Flip Flops or Sandals?

  • I love my Flip Flops. The sound of them flipping and flopping makes me feel like I’m really on my way……….some where lol.

19) Boots or Stilettos ?

  • Boots baby!


20) Curly or Straight?

  • Toughy…If I still wore bundles I’d say straight. Today as is….Curly.

21)Long or Short?

  • Long

22)Bun or Ponytail?

  • #BunLife

23) Light or Dark?

  • Crap. Both….and at the same time! Ummmmm Dark.

24)Hair Spray or Gel?

  • My hair?? You just better find some gel…


25)Rain or Shine?

  • ❤ Rainy days

26) Summer or Winter?

  • Winter -Christmas,New Years, My Birthday, & Valentine’s and in that order

27)Autumn or Spring?

  • Early Spring

28)Chocolate or Vanilla?

  • Chocolate

29)Fashion or Beauty?

  • *Shocked Face* How COULD you?! Hardest choice of them all for obvious reasons…but I’ll say beauty.

30) Leather or Sequins

  • Leather….

Which would you choose??

I look forward to reading the This or That’s from my dolls!!

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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