Saturday Night Faces & Diva Problems

Hiya Dolls! On my way out the door and decided to upload my selfies. Tonight I’m doing a purple shadow from my go to BH cosmetics 2nd edition palette, with a blue glitter on top which I got from coastal scents. I actually do not have on ANY lashes tonight which is a first for me wen going out but my mascara is giving me the life I need to succeed tonight lol. I’m wearing Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara (which I am devoted to after tonight).

Lippie Info– My new favorite nude lip for my skin tone is comprised of: NYX’s Soft brown lip liner, Euro Trash and Butter….Lined with NYX’s Y2K liner….November 2014 Blue glitter and purple base with nude lips 3

Ok on to my “diva problems” Is it me or are heels getting higher???? I love a stiletto/platform like the next chick but dannng. 5-6 inches (which was once the high of high heels) have become 8-9 inches or you’ll be buying heels from kittens. My ankles and arches are not happy!

Blue and Purple

BUT I’m channeling my inner Glamazon…And hoping she has a keen sense of balance tonight lol either way the foot hot tub is cued. I love these booties…but I won’t my heels are currently saying give me 8 inches of space. It’s just dinner a movie, right?

#JesusBeADr.Shols WELP lol Pretty Hurts…

What ever you do tonight be safe ❤

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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