FabFridays: OCC Liptar Review & Discount

Good morning doll babies!

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for! Well yesterday (Turkey Day) was the day we’ve been waiting for but today is pretty exciting to! Before we get into the company reveal and discount talk, let’s review this weeks FabFriday Items!

General Product Information

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics a.k.a OCC is a company that prides themselves on being 100% vegan & cruelty free. Who wouldn’t be proud of that, right? What is the big deal about having vegan/cruelty free products you ask? I thought you might. Some companies use ingredients that are derived from animals, they also test their products on animals. Not OCC.

Now, lippies are my second favorite cosmetic product of all time, my first being concealer (the holy grail) lol. Even if you’re a neutral shadow girl, a hot collection of lipstick will easily assist you in going from an office appropriate look to one that your friends will admire all night at your favorite club.

Ironically, OCC has taken my love for lippies and turned it into an obsession! Their innovative lip line(appropriately named Lip Tars) doesn’t consist of the lipstick norms, instead they have created a product that gives you the same opaque coverage as your favorite lipstick with crazy good pigmentation and longer wear time. Did I mention that it only takes a dab of this stuff to give you a lovely kissable look all day long ? You can’t beat that with a bag of lipstick.

Out of the 4 types of lip tars: Metallic, Matte, Stained Gloss, and Primer…we’ll be taking a closer look at the first two types today……


occ_lip_tar_metallics__ black dhalia



There is no shortage of color when it comes to these lip tars. The matte collection alone has over 30 shades to choose from so finding your perfect tar should come pretty easily. The biggest issue you’ll find in that department is making a decision on which to purchase or whether to purchase them all. How much do they cost? Good question. They retail for $18, however I’ll be telling you how & where to get them for less at the end of this review…so hold your pretty ponies and enjoy!

Our shades of the day:

Black Metal Dhalia 2

Kimber 1


First Impressions:

I loved that the tars came with their own mini precision lip brush. It’s the little things. Yes, I have 6(or more) lip brushes of my own but not every girl is a MUA. It shows that they thought about not only what goes into making their products but the people who purchase them.

Once I opened the cap of my new tar lippie I was met with a delightfully pleasing peppermint scent and if you’re a subbie of mine you know how I feel about my scents. Don’t worry! It wasn’t an overbearing smell because while I love scents I don’t believe makeup should be heavily scented…let’s save that for Victoria and her secret’s shall we? They included just enough to add a slight freshness that is good for any day but ever so appropriate for the holidays.

Overall Application:

As promised it only took a very small amount of tar to get the coverage I was looking for. The tar was accompanied by a pretty satisfying tingle which meant my lips not only smelled delightful, and looked beautiful, they felt good too.

No one told me to do this…. but as a MUA you learn to create shades/color when you can’t seem to find them in stores and FYI OCC lip tars can easily be mixed to create new shades and custom textures. Try saying that about a regular lipstick.

Kimber (Matte)

I am very pleased with the color Kimber. It’s an intoxicating orange color that has peachy undertones. It looks more vivid in the tube than on my lips which I’m sure is because of my skin being a deeper tone. The packaging instructed me to apply OCC Primer (however I didn’t have any). If you have skin that is more on the fair side here’s a trick to sporting those vivid lippies that you admire from a far but have been too scared to try: LIP LINERS (which OCC also has). Lip liners help you achieve a smoother transition from the tone of your skin to your vivid lippie. It also prevents some of the bleeding issues when dealing with some lipsticks and glosses. So…find yourself a lip liner that compliments your color of choice and go for it! Another note….some matte lipsticks are drying…or at least dry. I assume they call this tar matte bc there is no sparkle bc there is definitely a sheen to it. I wore Kimber for about 3 hours before I took it off and I didn’t need to touch it up at all. In all fairness I didn’t drink much and didn’t eat anything.

Me Wearing Kimber

I used a NYX pencil in Nutmeg (eye shadow details here)

Black Metal Dhalia

I’m in love! Tis’ the season for wine colored lips and this tar has just been added to the tippy top of my “season favorites” list. The color is simply stunning in a sultry and romantic way but the added shimmer of the metal collection is what sprung this lippie to top of my list this season. Every girl loves to sparkle. Some more than others, but regardless of your glitter love level I can promise that this tar will satisfy your sparkle starvation. Yes ma’am hunny! The halls will not be the only thing decked this year!

Me wearing Black dahlia

I used NYX’s Lip pencil in Y2K with this look.

Can you tell I’m loving it? Check the out the kissy face (which I NEVER do lol).

Anyway….on to the moment most of you have been waiting for or skipped to lol.

As we briefly touched on earlier in the article, the tars are retailed at $18.00 AND worth every penny due to the fact that at very little bit goes a long way. However, since I’ve found my secret stash supplier (not so secret anymore) I’ve had the best luck finding ALL my favorite beauty brands, from OCC, Ben Nye and Eve Pearl to Kevyn Aucion, Mehron, Stila, Beauty Blender, Model in a bottle, and more. Crazy right? Is the anticipation killing you yet lol? Ok, Ok, my cosmetic safe haven is www.crcmakeup.com.

Camera Ready Cosmetics is the distributor of so many brands, including their own, that it’s literally your one stop beauty shop. In addition to their artist discounts which I take full advantage of, CRC is one of few beauty distributors that allow you to try before you buy with samples of the products on your must have list. This is a great alternative for bloggers and vloggers who are doing it for the love of makeup opposed to making a living in the industry! Keeping your costs low, while having quality products from a distributor you can trust is vital. But who am I kidding, even as a beauty professional I’d prefer to see what a product is about before spending my coins.

I had so much fun with this review and my new lippies that I dare you to make OCC Lip tars a stocking stuffer this holiday. The colors combinations are endless and it’s sure to be a hit with any lipstick or gloss wearer! To sweeten the deal CRC has graciously given us 10% off our next OCC Lip tar purchase at CRC when you use the Code: tiffany. That’s cheaper than the prices at Sephora and even on the OCC site!

As much as I’d love to say this offer is good forever, and ever….. it ends March 15th .

………..So get those orders in today www.CRCmakeup.com

Be sure to get the step by step on how I achieved these looks on today’s FOTD!

OCC Lip Tars (2)

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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