Saturday Stuff: Fashion Fixes—Minimize that muffin top

Good Saturday afternoon doll babies!

Most sales have subsided, our pockets a little slimmer than yesterday, and our tummies  slightly ……………well let’s just say we ate really good lol. Since today is a Free day, meaning I’m liable to post about anything. I decided to touch on a touchy but Holiday necessary subject.

Let’s start by saying I for one am a foodie and this is my absolute favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving dinners, left overs, Christmas parites, the after party plate, and Christmas dinner……left overs lol. A tad off topic but am I the only one that feels a pressing need to lay down after eating entirely too much? YES, most days I fight it but I was just wondering. Anyway, It’s easy to see why we (I) would look forward to the Holiday season, right? The down side? The calories. Which brings us to our topic for today:

Que horror/suspense movie music:

muffin-topThe infamous muffin top.

While we all know the best way to deal with the bulge of fried turkeys past is diet and exercise, the right way takes time. Meanwhile all the rolls we ate are perched on the top of our belt buckles like birds waiting for the rain….and to put it frankly ain’t nobody got time for that!  So today’s post will be dedicated to managing that post holiday bulge.

No, we won’t be babbling on about shape wear because God know’s we all know how to stuff ourselves in Spanx and take advantage or control top stockings and such. We’re going to be looking at apparel alternatives a.k.a quick fashion fixes for middle management.

1. High Class

SAY NO TO Low rise jeans. This one seems like common sense but you’d be surprised how many make this mistake. The lack of support says feel free to be floppy. High waist jeans have the stretch and structure to slide over and slim down any side bulge.

High Waist Jeans (2)

2.It’s a Wrap

Wrap dress that is. These dresses can be our best friend when it comes to camouflaging that stubborn, stuffed muffin top issue. Finding a dress that gives a little more “fluff” in strategic areas can be used to distract people from the areas we don’t like or draw attention . This fit features a triple threat. We all know the LBD (little black dress) is a must have in EVERY woman’s closet. No excuses. If you don’t have one get one! This Marchesa satin dress is not only in the slimming savior we know as black but it’s also a wrap dress ….and the wrap ties a perfect peplum which is also a perfect for bulge camo.

It's a Wrap (2)

3.Girly Girl

Being body conscious doesn’t mean a closet full of black and non flattering pants, as a matter of fact….nothing does. But I’ll stay on topic. Don’t be scared to rock a flirty feminine skirt…regardless of your size/shape. It’s all been done before, take advantage of style tips like these and figure out how to make what you want to wear compliment you! Applying what we learned about high waist garments and adding it to skirt could be a good idea! For example a full skirt with a high waist band will hug you in the right place while the pleats in the front flatten your stomach (or provide that illusion).

High Pleats (2)

4. Shirt-y Flirty

Excuse the sub-titles (I’m trying lol). Anyway, there’s nothing sexier (exaggerated for point purposes) that a woman prancing around in her boyfriend’s business shirt the morning after. In fact, so many people thought so they designed a garment boyfriend shirt inspired…….The shirt dress. They wear well over fuller waist lines while gently and spontaneously hitting your curves as you move about during the day (or night). This is the better option when choosing between clingy and or stretchy items such as bodycon dresses that hug every curve every minute you have it on. Can you wear a body con too? Of course! You’ll want to pair it with a blazer, cardigan, wrap jacket, or shaw to find the same sexy but flattering look.

shirt dress (2)

There are several other things you can do hide your holiday meals lol like color blocking, wearing longitudinal stripes, and finding jackets, coats and dresses with a-line hems.

Would you like to get your own personal fashion fix? Not too sure what to wear to make your waist look smaller, your legs look longer, or just to flatter your shape period? Email me at and let’s discuss!

If you’d prefer to keep your fashion fix private ask how you can get a one on one consultation!

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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