Throwin’ Back on a Thursday

Greeting Doll Babies.

The week is ALMOST over and I am ALMOST out of the scholar solitude I’ve been in for what seems to be for ever. Am I complaining? Nooooooo of course not. I LOVE EXAM WEEK! *blank stare*

Anywho, it’s Thursday and I’ve decided to do a throwback…..Or Maybe a Then and Now. Note To my newbies: I just started wearing makeup about 2 years ago when I began as a freelance MUA. Once upon a time I knew nothing about filling in brows, and contour, highlighting,or even lipstick! Imagine that!


1st Day Loc Journey

2014 (Just Yesterday)


I’ll be uploading a video tonight or tomorrow that will walk you through my highlight & contour routine on the look from yesterday ^ PLUS I have a special New Years makeup collab with some of my fav beauty/fashion bloggers which will be posted tomorrow  as well!!

I hope you’re enjoying your week we’re rubbing elbow with Friday!!!Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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