Cyber Monday 2…

Afternoon Doll Babies of mine ❤

If you’ve read even one of my post in ‘Mob Beauty’ you know that my “go to” palettes are the 2nd and 5th editions from BH Cosmetics. As a matter of fact my very first eye shadow palette EVER came from BH cosmetics years ago. Do I own MAC, Sigma, Urban Decay,  and Motives palettes/pigments? Yes, of course. But I’m the loyal type and BH has been with me from the jump. Not only that, it’s more affordable and you know how  I feel about a penny saved!

I will not tell a lie. There is a different texture to the high priced brands like Motives and MAC. I reviewed the Motive shadow in Aphrodite a while back and the texture/ smoothness of the product was like nothing I’ve experienced with an eye shadow before. The color pay off was excellent…and to me it looked as smooth as it felt. Here’s the photos from that review


Motives Review Pic 1

Motives Review Pic 2

Here I used Motive’s shadow in Gunmetal along with a shade or two from my Bh bestie. Same quality(+)……..same price (-)

hottie Pinup collage hottie pinup

(The lippie is a Doll Mob Lip Tar I made last year called Hottie)

Would I recommend Motives to clients, friends and family? Most definitely! However the pressed powders featured above is $12.50, for that one color. You can get an entire palette for that amount from Bh cosmetics (give or take).

They don’t have the same textures in the shadows as motives but the color pay-off is just as good even on darker complexions like mine. I’ve done so many looks between my 3 Bh palettes that I can’t post them all but here are a few of them:

IMG_0886Blue Shadow (Small)November 2014 (2) eyes

Green Shadow, Nude Lips Dolls R Us

Instagram Purple, Pink, Black, and blue...OMbre Everything

What inspired today’s post you ask? A SALE lol. BH cosmetics is revisiting cyber Monday and I for one am glad about it. While I may pull our my Naked Palettes for weddings and on clients…..BH has always been and will always be my first stop on an everyday basis.

Click the photo below to check the sale out. Buy you a palette or two, and tag TheDollMob in your review so I can say I told ya so!

Cyber Monday

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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