Lip Tar Triumph!!!

Good evening Doll babies!

There were so many things going on today I didn’t have the opportunity to get to the letter to the mob but I do have one for you although I can’t tell you when I’ll be able to post and reply for sure it’ll be before the week is out.

Now, when I say the last couple weeks of the year are a whirlwind of ‘need to dos’ I’m actually not doing it justice. It’s been crazy. BUT that’s not what we’re chatting about today. A couple weeks ago, I featured a review of 2 OCC’s lip tars which you can find here.

I got word a couple of hours ago that the review is being featured on the CRC website!!!!! Why am I excited about this feature? Well, because if all goes well this could open doors to more permanent writing positions and that ultimately means more income.

Again for my visual learners….


Yes ma’am!

Thank YA

A year and a half ago, out of need, I started on my journey down a very unfamiliar, scary, but exciting path in the beauty industry. Had you asked me would I be a professional beauty/fashion blogger then, I would have told you no with great confidence.

A year and a half later, I know better! We choose where our journey begins and maybe even which path we take but I believe at the end of a long day your journey ends where it’s supposed to.

Mob Note: We have to  be mindful of what we say….even when the only one in the room is us.

Self Talk

What I need from you:

If you/when you have the chance click on one of the photos below from the review and Favorite/Like, Comment, and share the article.

 Me Wearing KimberMe wearing Black dahlia

Remember to purchase your lip tars for 10% less than Sephora and even OCC themselves by using the code TIFFANY at Take advantage of the savings until March 15th!

Thank you in advance ❤

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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