SATURDAY STUFF Better Women Better World: The movement

Well hello doll babies of mine

It’s Saturday, the weather is frightful, and I have two weeks to relax and keep my mind far from anything psychology related *Doin my dance* lol Hopefully I can get back to the schedule but today it’s Saturday and I always reserve the right to be completely random everyday especially Saturday. 🙂

So today semi-rant/call to action was inspired by a celebrity twitter beef. I won’t get into the details but it made me want to talk about what I mean when I say #BetterWomen #BetterWorld…..if you’re not in the mood for a serious message (with a funnies throughout of course). Comeback later…..

On to today’s Subject


We as women are far more powerful than many of us realize. And no, I’m not taking about power derived from the vagina (although it’s no secret we run the world *wink*). lol But seriously, for centuries we were forbidden to think for ourselves and when things started to change and women began to become more empowered we were made to believe that our most valuable possession came down to ……….let’s call it a cookie lol. I sometimes wonder why that was. Why on Earth would men not want their wives to think or have an opinion? Aren’t two heads better than one? Was it because we really weren’t smart enough to handle business affairs and not strong enough to be in positions of power, OR was it a power struggle that lasted way too long? And why would women with a voice, commonsense, peace of mind, and power corrupt the world?

I’m an 80’s baby so I know absolutely nothing about “those days” because “Be a Boss, Marry a Boss, Build an Empire” has always been the plan. The point is women everywhere have allowed themselves to be sucked into a reality where their only asset is physical. Because of this woman are competing against each other for attention and affection opposed to focusing on what’s important which is being better women. NOT better looking, better dressing, etc. bc those things can only be judged by being in comparison to other people. Better women as in the best woman you yourself can be.

Of course, I value my appearance very much but that comes secondary to the woman I am, and the older I get the more it also comes secondary when I look at the women around me. Some of the chicks I know and used to be around alot   too much could find 5 negative things to say about woman before they even got to tell us their name. What was even more discouraging and an eye opener is that they “befriended” these women despite the fact that they never really gave them a chance in the first place. You know what that means? Phoney, catty, backstabbing, reality t.v drama. Except it’s not t.v we’re not getting paid and the non sense that we’re wasting our time fighting and bickering over is a distraction from the real issues.

Because we have become so shallow and have allow ourselves to believe that our power is purely physical  we are not the friends we could be. Real connections with genuine people change lives. Because we have been told our worth is measured by pleasing  our partners…. we are not the mothers we could be. Our children are the future. It’s not just about providing monetarily but contributing to and encouraging them to be great. Because someone thought it necessary to feed and grow a nation off of women who give, and give, and give some more, without ever asking for anything in return we feel bad for having standards and our expectations are limited to what other people want from us opposed to what we want for ourselves. As a result we live in a world where women have forgotten what they truly deserve and where settling in friendships, relationships, jobs, schools, etc. is normal.

Am I saying it’s not important to please your partner, to be compromising and understanding, or image conscious. All I’m saying is you’re more than that.

If you’ve never listened/read a word I’ve said please take this with you…..We are the nurturers of a nation. We carry, birth, teach, befriend, protect, and discipline the future. Even if you don’t have any children (unless you’re dealing with deep seeded issues) you have the same instinct to take care of the people you love which usually leads the world on your shoulders.

Do you know how much mental/emotional strength that takes to willing carry all that? Are you aware of the fact that without you there wouldn’t be enough love in this world? Sometimes I think some women honestly don’t know, some women know and honestly don’t believe it, and then there are those women who believe it and don’t want to realize their power because with great power comes greater responsibility. It’s easier to believe you are insignificant and powerless……….because there’s only one thing to do in that situation: nothing.

I challenge my dolls to become better women and to challenge their dolls to the same. What “better” actually is is up to you. Two things you need to do to be down with the movement:

  • Strive.
  • Encourage.

Women Supporting Women

It costs nothing and changes everything. Get the word out. I want to see #BetterWomen #BetterWorld on Facebook, IG, Twitter, The Vine, and everywhere else. I encourage all my dolls who have blogs of their own to use their platforms to also spread the word in your own way & Tag The Mob so I don’t miss the moment and be sure to include Better women Better world in the title, your blog tags or in the article itself. I’ll be sharing post URL’s on all social platforms. Using your blog as my sign as I urge women to do better. #FreeMarketing It doesn’t matter how long ago I wrote this post (if it happens to be outdated). Just do it.

This isn’t a Mob thing, this isn’t a Me thing……. it’s an US thing and it’s important.

Thank you for reading ❤

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


2 thoughts on “SATURDAY STUFF Better Women Better World: The movement

  1. This is so true and we learn this at a very young age. I remember in SEVENTH grade a girl came into my spanish class. She was “light skinned” and “looked stuck up”. We were never spoke that year. A year later, in EIGHT grade i told her this. Now … 15 years later we are still very close friends. I support her in all her endevors and vice versa. It took ONE conversation. One. Judgement is a terrible thing. And we grow into women with thus attitude.

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