FabFriday: Christmas Makeup!!

Greetings Dolls!!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Christmas and is looking forward to a beautiful New Year!

For today’s FabFriday post I decided to drop off a makeup pic from Christmas Day…


Neutral eyes, winged liner inspired by one of my favorite subbies, and a matte red lip.

Let me explain this next one….. But get into that lipstick before I do….

Ok..so…we were supposed to be on a quick break bc the lights from the tree, the photography lights, the heat, and last season’s cherry red peplum from Macy’s was melting my face off. My makeup dolls know what I mean, longest story short……..the camera kept snapping as I used my purple hand mirror to fight the heat and carelessly wiped the sweat from my brow with my hands. I had had enough at this point.

Moving on…….

Not to toot my own lippie but that Matte Red ombre is just everyything my Christmas called for. It’s an absolute injustice that this lipstick fix didn’t make it on the Lovely Lippie Awards post . Idk what I was thinking…….but in my defense I have paid homage to my “velveteen lover” and the perfect red matte lippie for me in a March’s NYX Review.

What’s changed?

February 2014

Leopard Print2 IMG_1115

Well, First of all I have a new camera. And looking back at that video I just linked I thank the good Lord I did bc The quality was horrible. ANYWAY, as embarrassing as it may be to watch I wanted to addressed a few of the things I’ve changed in my red lip routine.

1. Instead of lining my lips with a red pencil I fill my lips with a red pencil which has increased an already chat worthy wear time dramatically.

2.Instead of using Xtreme lip cream in natural, concealer, and NYX’s red lipstick in Bloody Mary I used NYX’s xtreme lip cream in Spicy just because I wanted a lip that had a slight pop but was still true to red .

3.No black pencil this time! Instead I used NYX Y2k pencil (which I am very fond of ) and shaded around my lips before and after I applied my velveteen lover.

Because The Matte lip cream is a deeper darker red than the spicy xtreme cream it naturally created an ombre when I applied Spicy to the center of my lips and blended it out a bit. Y2K was the perfect pencil to add a little drama to an easy holiday perfect lippie favorite of mine. As a matter of fact this years look is simplified by 2 or 3 steps and we’re only using 3 products!

Sad to see them go! Love to watch my coin purse as they leave lol….


No seriously tho, I am always on the lookout for a technique that makes me just as happy and uses less product, or a mob official dupe. As much as I love high end products good cosmetics I can not bare to see them anywhere other than my kit regardless of the price. As a matter of fact, if I can find a gorgeous lipstick, the perfect shade of concealer, or my favorite foundation primer for under $10…..I’m going to stock up.

Every time.

When I first began I wanted all the expensive brands of makeup in my kit and nothing else. Give me Bobbi Brown, MAC, SmashBox, YSL, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Chanel etc. or give me nothing at all!

That foolishness didn’t last long. Finding the perfect shades for all the different people you work with and for as a MUA can be challenging to say the least. It is vital to get familiar with affordable brands that offer quality products.

While I’m believing with all my heart that my brand will surpass every dream I’ve been able to dream….Tiffany today can’t afford to be stuck up lol. I love and support any product that gives me results.

Live Learn Upgrade

You will hear me say quite a bit about NYX and I assure you other than having an pro artist account with them I do not have any links or ties to the company. I pay for my items, a little less than some… but I’m still giving them my coins.

I truly enjoyed my Christmas and couldn’t help but be thankful for the growth and progress made mentally, emotionally, and professionally since last year. I am claiming a prosperous and progressive 2015 for my dolls, their dolls, and I and believing that 2015 and every year after is our year!


Your own kind of beautiful (2)


3 thoughts on “FabFriday: Christmas Makeup!!

  1. Happy Holidays doll! First lets just get into that lip because HUNNI..it is poppin! I love it on you..classic chic! The post was awesome too 🙂 Question, what camera are you using and what photo lights. I’m looking to buy some but I want some good ones.

    1. Ok so I wasn’t trippin on my own lippie supply lol. I thought it was everything a Diva could ask for on a Christmas morning! The camera is a Canon T3 Rebel (the name may not be listed in that order lol) and the lights are from a set I found on Ebay. No special name brand that I can remember but it ran me about $70. You may be able to find one cheaper. Thanks you so much for stopping bye doll baby! I’ve missed you around and hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays! ❤

      1. Thanks love I missed blogging honestly. Life is just well, for lack of a better word, happening. I have so much going on but I honestly will be back at it ASAP. I have set a goal for 2015 and plan to keep it. That lippie is everything girl just EVERYTHING! It’s perfection! I love the y2k pencil too. It’s perfect for a red lip and to be honestly any lip. It’s so versatile. My holiday was great and I hope yours was as well! Thanks for the info, I’ll certainly be checking ebay.

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